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Save diesel (= money) with the PremiPoint farm program

Francois Bredenkamp, Jason Beangstrom, Jacques Smit and Francois Henning of PremiPoint with Rossouw Stadler (on the right), owner of PremiPoint, at NAMPO Cape in Bredasdorp.

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Diesel fuel is one of the heaviest financial burdens a farmer has. It is diesel that make all mechanical things on the farm move – tractors, trucks, harvesting machines, self-driven sprayers, the bakkie and for driving power generators. For that reason it pays a farmer to buy his diesel in bulk at a lower price, but a farmer can save even more using the PremiPoint fuel management program.

PremiPoint is an affiliate of AI2Stadler, a diesel distribution company of the Stadler Brothers, and has had more than 18 years’ experience in the wholesale fuel distribution industry.

“Rossouw Stadler, owner of Al2Stadler and PremiPoint, was asked two and a half years ago by one of his clients to help him develop a diesel management program. The client had already tried out various programs – among others one that had cost him more than R2 million – but with no success,” says Jacques Smit, financial and business manager of PremiPoint.

 “Rossouw’s wife, Hané Stadler, owns a filling station and also a filling station forecourt management system known as Petrotouch, which she uses for managing her filling station. The original owner of Petrotouch wanted to emigrate to America and Hané decided to buy the rights to his undertaking and continue servicing clients of the system, including herself.

After Rossouw had received the request from his client, he did some research and decided to make the filling station forecourt system part of his service package. He then founded PremiPoint,” says Jacques.

PremiPoint today also owns other diesel management programs such as Petropos, specifically aimed at transport contractors, and also Fuelman. Their fuel system has also been adapted with Ajenti (Pty) Ltd, which handles the on-line section. The PremiPoint system was developed combining all this technology.

PremiPoint’s electronic static fuel pumping system that can be used by farmers on the farm to pump their own diesel and keep record of all diesel consumption.

The smart technology behind PremiPoint:

The program has been adapted for agriculture use so that the farmer can manage his diesel one hundred percent and obtain the following information by pressing a button:

 • A summary of his diesel rebate;

• His SARS audit reports; and

 • A complete record of diesel consumption per vehicle, as well as per activity, and also the crop under cultivation.

 “Everything is available on an online portal and the farmer’s cellphone app,” says Jacques.

“The online system is a ‘smart system’ that compiles average percentages per vehicle per activity. Should the diesel consumption of any one of a farmer’s vehicles or machines drop, we inform him immediately through the app. We can then tell him if diesel was stolen from the vehicle, even as little as 5 litres.

“When a farmer buys diesel externally – say, from a filling station – it is also entered into the online system so that accurate and complete information can be given to SARS, as well as to the farmer,” says Jacques.

PremiPoint’s Fuelman diesel caddy system. It is a portable pump unit that fits on any tanker system, such as a truck or trailer. The control tablet can deal with any working environment and forms part of the system.

What does a farmer get from the PremiPoint system?

 • A filling station type pump;

 • Annual calibration of the pump;

• The farmer rents the system from PremiPoint at a minimal amount of approximately R3 000 p/m (this includes the online network as well as the app), and

• 24/7/365 availability of technicians, as well as online support of software.

“The technologically advanced system remains the property of PremiPoint and that is why PremiPoint has to remain responsible for any possible problems or service delivery breakdown. Equipment and software problems are attended to within 48 hours in terms of the servicing agreement. We merely replace the faulty section and the farmer can continue as before immediately. As the systems remain our property, the problems are also ours,” says Jacques.

“PremiPoint tested the system over a two year period at a digging in Prieska and the system is most certainly able to withstand heat, cold and dust.”

If you also want to save fuel, contact PremiPoint on 053-831-1522 or send an email message to . You can also consult the PremiPoint website

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