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Reinke provides turn-key irrigation solutions for the farmer

The Reinke Precision Management (RPM) Advanced system allows for efficient control of the irrigation entire irrigation process, putting the farmer in complete control.

Efficiency is crucially important for any farmer. Therefore, all his equipment must deliver dependable, consistent results with minimal operational cost and low maintenance.

This is why John Britz and Etienne Kemp opted for a Reinke irrigation system on the Grasslands Agriculture dairy farm near the Storms River in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

“We plant a mixture of kikuyu and ryegrass for the dairy cows. In March 2019 we decided to erect a Reinke pivot to irrigate the pastures and ensure good quality feed all year round,” says Etienne.

The five-tower Reinke pivot on the Grassland Agriculture farm covers 31 hectares and is equipped with an eight-millimetre spray package. The chosen pipes for this project have a wall thickness of 2,7 mm. “We frequently experience extremely strong winds here, but this has never been a problem for the Reinke pivot,” Etienne claims.

Patrick Ellis from Reinke Africa, John Britz and Etienne Kemp from
Grasslands Agriculture, and Franco Nel from IrriAgri. Franco and the team from IrriAgri are the local Reinke dealers in the Eastern Cape region and were responsible for the installation of the pivot on the farm.

Reinke uses only the best quality high-strength steel in their pivots. The pivot structure is expertly engineered to provide optimal stability and strength with the least quantity of steel. The pivots are designed with an exceptionally low centre of gravity, which aids in the overall sturdiness and stability of the pivot. Because this pivot is situated in a part of the country known for strong winds, Reinke has taken additional steps in fitting larger tyres to ensure stability and peace of mind for the farmer.

In the past two years John and Etienne’s only task on the Reinke pivot was to switch it on or off. “We did not need to replace any parts, and maintenance is minimal. It is only simple things like checking if all the tyres are inflated, ensuring that the gearboxes have enough oil, and seeing that the moving parts are greased regularly,” says John.

Reinke prides themselves in providing turn-key irrigation solutions to any farmer that seeks their expertise. “We are part of the whole process from planning and design, to erecting the pivot, and after sales service,” says Patrick Ellis, Sales Director of Reinke Africa. John and Etienne opted for the Reinke Advanced Control panel to keep their management of the irrigation system accurate and hassle free.

The combination of superior quality material and expert design ensures that every Reinke client will receive a strong, durable pivot with a low centre of gravity, without paying for unnecessary material.

Having an electronic box on a pivot so close to the ocean can easily cause problems with moisture and humidity, but Reinke has a solution for this problem in the form of their double-walled tower box that provides a moisture free environment for electrical components as condensation cannot take place inside. The material of which the box is manufactured, and the unique design make it extremely durable and offer effective protection of the components inside. A mechanical safety clutch prevents opening the box without first disconnecting the power supply to the pivot tower.

Both Etienne and John are impressed with the difference that the Reinke pivot has made to the pasture on the farm. “Since we have converted the irrigation on this pasture from the old dragline system to the Reinke pivot, the production on the pastures have doubled,” says Etienne.

For more information on how Reinke can assist you in transforming your farm, contact Patrick Ellis by phoning +27-(0)31-350-4525, or send an e-mail to

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