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Reinke pivot remains reliable after almost 40 years

Money is something that cannot be squandered left and right. Every penny a farmer spends on equipment has to work for him – preferably years and years and years and years. After all, a farmer works hard for his money, so it is reasonable to expect his money to work hard for him as well.

One such wise farmer who makes his money work thoroughly for him is Mike Willment of Struan-farm near Underberg in South Africa. Mike tells of how his previous partner bought a second-hand Reinke centre pivot from another farmer in the early eighties. “Graham Robertson bought this pivot from another farm, and we set it up here to plant feed for the dairy cows. Here it is still working today,” said Mike.

Mike Willment of Struan farm near Underberg, South Africa has been irrigated his pastures since the eighties of the last century with the same Reinke pivot.

For the past almost 40 years this Reinke- pivot has been working reliably, every day and without any problems. “In the meantime, we’ve set up other pivots as well, but this one is still working faithfully, without ever letting me down,” mike says.

Mike admits that he has had to replace some spare parts over the years. Some of the gearboxes had to be replaced and some of the electronics had already been redone. “These parts that had to be replaced are acceptable. Many newer centre pivots, which have not had to work continuously for nearly forty years, have had to get similar repairs. “

This centre pivot has four towers and irrigates 21 hectares so that Mike’s cows can enjoy proper feed and produce abundant, healthy milk. It still boasts some of his original tyres, gearboxes and electric motors. “It is easy to see which of the electric motors are still original. These are the ones that stand upright between the drive shafts. The new ones are all flat and in a straight line with the gearboxes,” Mike further explains.

Reinke is known for having a solid structure and low centre of gravity with a strong pivot design that uses much less steel than the competitors in the market. When comparing this pivot’s design to the newer Reinke pivots, it is clear that very little has been changed to the original design. After all, one does not change something that works perfectly. The distinctive low profile of the Reinke design is undeniable.

The durability of a Reinke- pivot can be attributed to more than the clever design that has been proven over many decades. The quality of the steel and the thoroughness of the galvanising process also play a major role in the durability of the pivot. Each part of the steel frame is first treated to remove all impurities from the steel’s surface. After that, it is immersed in a galvanising tub to ensure that the galvanising is distributed evenly throughout the structure.

As the technology has evolved over the years, this process has become more efficient, but the principles still remain the same. Good steel and proper manufacturing mean more years of service for the farmer to enjoy from his irrigation system.

The maintenance work Mike has had to do to the centre pivot over the years includes keeping an eye on the tyres’ air pressure, keeping the gearboxes full of oil, and regularly lubricating the necessary parts with grease. Furthermore, he also replaced spray packages when needed.

In exchange for this bit of effort, Mike’s Reinke ensures that the money invested in it offers a hasty return for years and years and years.

To find out more about the pivot that lasts for decades and make your money work for you, contact Patrick Ellis at +27-(0)31-350-4525, or send an email to

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