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Reinke Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems: The worldwide pivot of choice


In 1968 Reinke changed centre pivot irrigation with the introduction of the Reinke centre pivot. Reinke called their centre pivot the Electrogator. The Electrogator was the first reversible, electric drive pivot with a collector ring allowing for continuous rotation.

The Electrogator was also the first pivot with spans of more than 30 metres in length, the first with the Reinke patented V-jack truss design and the first to use interchangeable pipe and truss components. Today, Reinke is still the industry leader. The high-strength steel that goes into Reinke pivots and lateral movement irrigation systems can be as much as 50 percent stronger than steel used in competing irrigation systems. The result is a high-strength structure weighing as much as 20 percent less.

The C-channel leg is a critical feature of every Reinke system. Patrick Ellis, Sales Director for Reinke Africa, says: “We’re so confident in its design, strength and mass that we dare you to compare it to the double angle iron used in competitive systems. That is why we are able to eliminate cross-bracing between the tower legs and why our single-leg towers always stand superior.”

Reinke pivots perform better,
because they are built better.

Also, unlike the competitors’ T-gasket that is sandwiched between two flanges, the Reinke V-ring seal creates stronger flange-to-flange contact (instead of flange-plastic-flange) and combines the strength of two connected steel flanges (instead of interrupting the strength of steel with a plastic T-gasket). Plus, connected flanges won’t sag or settle and create potential weak spots that might necessitate future repairs.

Reinke’s exclusive double-walled tower box provides a moisture-free environment for electrical components; it is the last place you’ll ever find condensation. Its high quality, UV-resistant materials and unique design make for the strongest, longestlasting tower box in the industry.

Finally, thanks to a mechanical safety interlock, no one can remove the cover without first disconnecting power to the tower. The most efficient place to rotate within a cylinder is directly in the centre, which is exactly where Reinke placed their hook-and-receiver joint.

It enables maximum flexibility across challenging terrain. Even when the span needs to roll slightly, it won’t affect alignment. Plus, the internal joint allows the boot to flex without being excessively stretched, furthering longevity. A Reinke system is complete when it is galvanised by ReinCoat, a subsidiary of Reinke that boasts a state-of- the-art galvanising facility and process.

This includes pre-treatment of system components in a self-enclosed pre-treatment room that prepares the components for dipping into the zinc-filled kettle contained in a white fume enclosure. The end result of the galvanising process from ReinCoat is a superior protective coating that is ready to stand up to the elements and add further strength to a Reinke irrigation system.

Reinke Precision Management (RPM) control panels are custom-built to give you reliability and trouble-free use. Plus, if your needs change over time, upgrades and customisations are easy, thanks to compatibility between RPM systems. Built for growers and producers worldwide, ReinCloud™ Ag-Data Services is an online software package that helps you to combine field and irrigation data into one easy-to-use dashboard. Whether it may be irrigation monitoring and control, soil moisture or weather data you are looking for, ReinCloud is easy to use, informative and ready to put your ag-based data to work.

Patrick says: “Since 1968, being ‘different with purpose’ has been at the core of all Reinke irrigation systems, which is why we have been the irrigation system of choice for farmers worldwide. We all know our pivots look different, but there is a reason behind every design choice; to add strength without adding weight and to increase efficiency without sacrificing durability. Not to boast, but that’s just what we do. And from pivot centre to end gun, we’ve created a machine that will perform to exceed your expectations.”

Armed with a truckload of experience, expertise and extensive factory training, your Reinke dealer will work with you in everything from custom design, to installation, to making sure your irrigation system performs as expected year after year after year.

“Like our pivots, your Reinke dealer is in it for the long haul. They’ll settle for nothing less than superior irrigation performance and will always be available for unparalleled service and support,” says Patrick.

Find your nearest dealer on, or contact Patrick Ellis, Sales Director in Africa on +31-350-4525 or In Zimbabwe, please contact Graeme Flower from Lomag Irrigation at +263-77-223-5503 or

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