Protect your retirement fund with Bonnox

Dutch Gibson knew he invested in the best when he purchased Bonnox fencing for his game park, which will be his retirement fund.

You don’t play around with your retirement fund and thou shalt not play around with the fencing for your valuable game. When these are both part of the same scheme, you have to choose Bonnox.

Dutch Gibson, a farmer in Chisamba, decided to develop 120 ha of land into an upmarket resident game farm which will provide his last nest egg. “I want to sell plots of two acres each. It is quiet and near enough to Lusaka to be commutable. It is crime free, peaceful and surrounded by other farms. We have a few resident kudu in here as well as bushbuck, reedbuck, duiker and jackal. Just before final completion, I also want to put zebra and antelope like impala, kob and puku in the park to offer maximum value to my clients.

“I read about Bonnox in agricultural magazines where it is regarded as the pinnacle of fencing. When I decided to erect a fence around the farm, Bonnox was my one and only choice,” he says.

About four years ago he purchased enough rolls of Bonnox to fence off the whole park. He ordered the posts and Y-standards from Bonnox as well. The Y-standards were placed every ten metres and the posts every 98 metres apart.

Bonnox forms an integral part of Dutch’s game fence and is placed at the bottom as a 1,2 m basis of his fence, with strains of barbed wire on top. The mesh effectively keeps out predators and small animals. Later on, he will decide if it is necessary to lift the fence even higher to contain bigger game.

One of the big advantages of Bonnox is that it is designed to give way when animals run into it, but it maintains its shape and form. The animals do not get injured and the fence remains firm.

Dutch and his workers figured out an erection procedure very easily. “I don’t know whether we followed the instructions provided by Bonnox to the letter, but it worked very well for us,” he says. “We just looked at it and lifted it up, secured it at one side and pulled it tight. We didn’t even have to use a contractor.

Ryan Stassen, the local importer and Bonnox dealer in those days, organised everything for me while I was in India. I just had to make the payment,” Dutch says.

With properly secured straining posts every 98 meters, your Bonnox fence is easy to erect.

Ryan Stassen focussed on importing agricultural equipment from South Africa, and Bonnox was one if his prime products. “A farmer wants to fence his farm once and get it over with. Bonnox’s fence will last for 20 years plus. Bonnox’s reputation speaks of quality and durability, and they have a huge range to suit every fencing purpose.”

“I imported many rolls of Bonnox and as an importer and buyer it is very important for me to get the exact details from the seller on size, quantities and weight. My transport budget and costing on Bonnox were always spot on. The Bonnox personnel were very professional and experienced, and all their invoices, SADEC certificates and information were correct. They also called me afterwards for feedback and they did regular follow-ups. They were one of the better companies to deal with. Today, I am not an importer anymore, but when a farmer asks me for fencing advice, I know where to send him to.”

Call 076-169-9068, 072-704-8764, 081 863 4543 or e-mail, or Also visit their website at

Dutch Gibson’s first Bonnox fence stretching into the distance.

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