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Protect your mechanical equipment with Shell Lubricants

Protect your agricultural equipment with Shell Lubricants.

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Whether your agricultural operations are arable, pastoral, or mixed, your business relies on your equipment and their lubricated components.

Shell Lubricants appreciates the need to keep your tractors, harvesters, pickers, and materials-handling equipment working efficiently, which means getting the most out of your engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems, and greased components.

Equipment breakdowns can severely compromise your farming operations and prevent your company from earning revenue. The lubrication experts of Shell appreciate that, in the agricultural industry, you are constantly striving to drive down cultivation costs, cut maintenance expenditure and maximise machine availability. Shell Lubricants works closely with agricultural equipment companies worldwide and understands your challenges. They appreciate the pressures you face to reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

You have the perfect opportunity to choose from Shell’s portfolio of world class oils and greases. These products have a proven track record of helping businesses like yours to, for instance, extend the life of critical equipment, improve reliability, and increase efficiency.

Diesel engines

The engines in your combine harvesters, tractors and cotton pickers need to work reliably and efficiently, especially during harvesting season. Heavy-duty diesel engine oils should protect them against corrosion and sludge to extend equipment life, thereby giving you lower operating costs and increased equipment availability.


The transmission fluids used in agricultural equipment such as tractors and combine harvesters should protect, lubricate, and help to transmit power in the most effective way. With the increasing complexity of transmissions and the heavy work they need to perform, you need a lubricant that will protect and offer smooth gear-shifting as well as versatility to lubricate gearboxes, bearings, wet brakes, and hydraulic components simultaneously.

Hydraulic systems

In some of your equipment, especially for forestry, the hydraulic system is separated from the transmission. For them, you need a fluid that provides reliable air release, filterability and cleanliness, and extends pump life, even under the most severe operating conditions.

Grease points

Agricultural equipment requires grease that stays in place even when exposed to water, and prevents contamination, even under challenging conditions. An effective lubricant will help equipment and components such as linkages, pivots, joints, and bearings to function at optimum efficiency and increase their reliability and durability.

Reach out to the sales force and technical experts at Shell. They will work with you to deliver products and services that will meet your specific needs. Their team aims to help you to choose the right products; achieve continuous improvement through equipment performance monitoring, increase your productivity, and reduce your costs.

Shell lubricants value-adding services

Shell LubeMatch

This free online service helps you to find the right lubricants for your vehicles and equipment in seconds.

Shell LubeAnalyst

This early-warning system helps you to identify potential oil and equipment failures before they become critical.

Shell LubeCoach

Coaching teams to deliver better performance through this in-depth lubrication training programme.

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