Prolong the life of your tyres: PS2 is the one and only tyre doctor

A tyre is a very important and expensive asset. You can’t go wrong when prolonging the life of your tyres with PS2 Tyre Fluid.

Fleet and farm managers can all concur on one thing – a tyre is a very sensitive item and will cause huge losses in time and money when not treated and maintained correctly.

It is nearly impossible to ensure that every tyre on every truck or tractor under your responsibility is in tip top condition all the time, but PS2 Tyre Fluid makes it possible for managers to sleep easy while their vehicles are on the road or in the field.

PS2 is the only South African and African manufactured pressure stabiliser and tyre fluid, and it is designed for heavy-duty industrial, transport, mining and farming equipment. It will keep air pressure constant for as long as the tyres last and permanently seals leaks as soon as they occur. This highly efficient pressure stabiliser will radically reduce your downtime and give you many more kilometres per tyre.

The revolutionary fluid is designed to be used in any tubeless pneumatic tyre. It is applied through the valve (or can be poured into the carcase) once the valve-core has been removed. Rotation of the tyre then evenly distributes the compound around the inner surface of the tyre. The viscosity of the product is very high, and it will cover the entire inside of the tyre.

The added benefits of PS Tyre Fluid are mind-blowing. It guards against porosity leaks, stops O-ring and vent hole leaks or leaks due to poor tyre repairs. It helps industrial tyres to hold air even when the carcase is in an extremely poor condition and after operating in rough terrain. It contains strong anti-rust properties and prevents rust of wheel rims, and the anti-freeze properties prevent it from drying out inside the tyre for the tyre’s entire lifespan. It contains both powerful Aramid fibres used in bullet proof vests and microscopic fibres to seal molecular fissures, and withstands both extreme high and low temperatures.

PS2 Tyre Fluid is also water based, non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable.

Bennie Oosthuizen is the man behind this wonder product. Call him at +26(0)96-380-5674, send an e-mail to, or visit the website at

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