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ProAgri ZM 76

What do farmers do during winter?

We are firmly in the grips of the winter. Some regions might experience more severe cold fronts than others, but climatologists predicted a very cold winter. Certain stereotypes immediately come to mind when one thinks of the winter months. It’s not an off-season, that’s for sure.

Many farmers say winter work has become increasingly important. To those living on the periphery of the food and the farming world, winter’s toll on the land may seem like an opportunity for producers to take a long nap and rest before the ground thaws and it’s time to grow again. The truth? It is anything but that.

Most farms all over the country reserve the coldest months of the year
to get on track for the next season. For some it is harvesting time, for others it is a time where the cold is severe, and special precautions must be taken to protect livestock and other assets such as feed.

This time of the year also offers us an opportunity to ponder on our family
farming ventures, remembering those in whose footsteps we are following,
but also those who have to take over the business after us.

Communication is the key to success in maintaining a successful
family agribusiness. Should we wait too long to address continuation
issues, it may result in permanently blocked communication.

In this issue of ProAgri Zambia, we take a look at breaking down the wall of silence, feeding your pigs for success with Novatek pig feed and John
Deere’s mighty yellow machines.

As always, you will still find the latest in agricultural technology in
the categories of mechanisation, crop production, livestock and resources
management on, and the right product for the best
price on

ProAgri will help you expand your farm with expert advice and a wide
range of farming related products Farm smartly!

Bianca Henning-

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