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Improving the sustainability of crop production

Implements and machinery are one of the core elements of a farming operation.

According to Lux Research, an international research company specialising in technology innovation, in its recently published annual outlook report, ‘Foresight 2021: Top emerging technologies to watch’, the prominence of new technologies in agriculture is an indication of how fast and profoundly the food and farming industries are changing.

The report says that alternatives to the resource-intensive traditional meat industry are emerging rapidly, with immediate impact from plant-based proteins. The African continent has for a long time been affected by political turmoil, drought, and famine. Rapid changes in climate are putting even more pressure on food security on a continent where many are suffering from malnutrition and obesity. DespiteAfrica being an arid continent, it is very rich in biodiversity.

This biodiversity is waiting to be rediscovered. In this month’s edition, we look at a new series on ancient African foods and how a shift towards these plants could improve not only food security but also help mothers provide healthy, nutritious food for their children.

ProAgri constantly stays abreast of tractor and equipment news, to help with mechanisation choices on small-, medium- and large-scale farms. In this month’s edition, we look at LEMKEN’s innovative tillage machines for optimal reconsolidation of topsoil, John Deere’s mean yellow construction machines and the latest Agritech news from around the world.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the AgriTech Expo Zambia from 7to 9 April 2022 at GART ResearchCentre farm in the Chisamba region of Zambia, located about 50 km out of Lusaka on the Great North Road. For more information, visit

Farm smartly!
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