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Major disruptions were caused by COVID-19 and the subsequent
restrictions, especially the restrictions on mass gatherings that include
agricultural shows, like the Agritech Show that was cancelled again this year. Good news is that although Agritech has been postponed, you may still visit many of the exhibitors between our pages.

Farmers are used to attending an expo, walk through the exhibitions to
see what is on offer, touch and scrutinise the implements on display, and gain information from the representatives of the various companies. Agricultural companies and event organisers are now forced to innovate. Seeing these same products on a screen is just not the same as a real live experience.

Luckily, many companies have come up with innovative ways to solve this problem. We experience an increase in the number of smaller events, that
will allow them to still showcase their products, but in a safe environment with fewer people at a time.

LEMKEN’s recent demonstration of their latest innovation in soil preparation is an excellent example of how companies are finding creative solutions to the problem of restricted mass gatherings. Read more about LEMKEN on page 29.

In the meantime, ProAgri and ProAgri Zambia are also working hard to
ensure that you, the farmer, can still have access to the latest technological
information without being exposed to large crowds.

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But if you prefer, you may still pick up a free printed copy at the nearest
agricultural store.

Farm smartly!
Jaco Cilliers –

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