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Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Even during times as dark as the recent months of isolation, social distancing and various degrees of lockdown, there are still some positive effects that came as a result of human resilience.

During the pandemic, and as part of the restrictions imposed by government, the agricultural industry missed out on the traditional way of hosting shows, expos, farmers days, and other mass gatherings. After years of doing business this way, agricultural companies suddenly had to adapt to new ways of conveying messages on products from the suppliers to the consumers.

Consumer behaviour has also changed considerably. Where a farmer usually had to attend an agricultural show, visit a dealer, or attend a demonstration on a farm, they now have to rely on digital media to receive the information that they need. At ProAgri we experienced this first-hand with a dramatic increase in our readership on Facebook and during the height of the lockdown.

As human beings we have the ability to adapt to our surroundings in order
to remain efficient and productive. Many companies have started using
alternative ways, such as informative videos and articles, to reach their target audiences. Social media platforms and programmes that enable some
employees to work from home have experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity during the past year.

The difference is that, while many other companies are now going through
the teething stages of converting to digital platforms, ProAgri and Agri4all
have been active in the digital and social media spheres for years prior to the pandemic. As always, you will still find the latest in agricultural technology in the categories of mechanisation, crop production, livestock, and resource management on, and the right product for the best price on

ProAgri will help you expand your farm with expert advice and a wide range of products.

Farm smartly!
Jaco Cilliers –

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