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ProAgri Zambia

Agritech Agritech Agritech… This 6th show in Chisamba on the premises of the GART farm proves once again to be the best agricultural show in Zambia and it is growing rapidly every year. The organisers, Spintelligent, all the way from Cape Town, once again did a fantastic job organising and presenting the show.

To draw out that last bit of Agritech richness, many companies had to tell us about their stands and what they had, and still have to offer to our farmers. This Agritech edition is bulky and the stories about another successful show are popping out of the pages.

There was an impressive number of visitors – 18 542, 56 countries participated, there were 7 international pavilions, and an astonishing 223 local and international exhibitors displayed their wares and services.

The rain and dark clouds didn’t damp the atmosphere and from the smallest subsistence farmer to the biggest commercial farmer attended the show, which caters for everyone.

Besides our Agritech section, we also visited farms where Novatek’s feeds changed the life of the farmer and his animals. Bacon Freight is a worldwide transport company and they are planting their feet firmly in Zambia.

Your truck can’t leave the yard without PS2 Tyre fluid in the accessories trunk, and Hypeb Zambia has an amazing, green solution for building fish ponds. Don’t miss the Cattle Wealth field day at the end of the month.

Farm smartly!

Du Preez de Villiers –

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