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ProAgri Zambia 39

Agritech is the talk of the town and all the whose who’s are finalising their plans to attend the three-day show. This year, the organisers promised an even bigger and better event.

ProAgri Zambia’s Agritech map will be in the copies to be handed out at the show, in case you left yours at home. Please visit our stand in the media section and take your chance in one of the lucky draws.

Zambia experienced a tough planting season with droughts and floods, but we have to think a moment about our colleagues in Malawi and Mozambique who have lost much more than crops and livestock… This is one of the worst natural disasters in ages and the crisis isn’t over yet. The current cholera outbreak that followed the floods is going to take more lives. The situation is dire, and aid organisations from all over the world are having their hands full to limit the casualties.

This month we have packed in a neat number of articles with Lima Links as a new contributor. This company and Good Nature Agro are exploring the tech-sphere with smart phone apps to streamline smallholder farming. Their successes are worth mentioning. The articles and content in livestock section are growing steadily and we are impressed with the nifty innovations the companies are sending all over Africa. Also read about the affordable silos RSA Grain Storage has to offer.

Farm smartly!

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