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ProAgri Zambia 055

We are celebrating! Our mother magazine, ProAgri South Africa, turned 25 years this year. As one of her offspring, we are celebrating just as enthusiastically, and we shall continue to celebrate with a special edition in October when ProAgri Zambia turns five.

ProAgri did a magnificent job in South Africa where we started a trend to deliver free and premium agricultural reading material, videos, and recently the Agri4All trading website where farmers can access offerings all over the region.

Media synergy is the way forward in this highly competitive media industry. COVID-19 did not make it easier either, but we believe we have the recipe to continue our service to farmers and suppliers of agricultural technology during these interesting times and ahead.

Print media is declining, but we believe that African farmers will still benefit from it in the foreseeable future. Our platform for educational and informative articles is here to stay.

Here are a few quick facts about ProAgri:

• 10 500 000 is the total number of copies distributed up to now

• 650 000 000+ pages were filled

• 1 070 000 kg of paper was used for this

• 132 300 km is how far the pages will extend side by side: three times around the earth

• 17 000 is the average number of words per issue

• 178,5 billion words have been sent out into the world

• 58 252 000 e-mail newsletters have been sent out over the past eight years • 5 countries now receive printed issues of ProAgri every month

• 8 countries will be reached soon, also with television broadcasts and YouTube videos

• 2015 is the year in which ProAgri Zambia was launched

• 2018 is the year in which made its debut

• 2019 is the year ProAgri Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe was born

• 5 000 000+ people are now reached by all ProAgri’s platforms every month

In the spirit of celebration, we gave input suppliers an opportunity to tell us more about themselves in a special section. Enjoy this edition and keep every edition somewhere safe for generations to come.

Farm smartly!

Du Preez de Villiers –

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