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We recently celebrated International Women’s Day and for us as agriculturalists, the huge role of women in our precious industry immediately comes to mind. At the recent Women in Agricultural Conference in Lusaka, the rich, ongoing and indispensable impact of the beautiful gender was also celebrated and highlighted.

Better and smoother ways of making this huge task easier for them were successfully investigated. Farmer women are not scared of physical labour and the image of a woman bending over to plant seeds or hoeing weeds comes to mind. Besides manual labour on small and medium sized farms, women also successfully hold key positions in big enterprise farms or even leading their own companies.

When farming is in your blood, you will maintain yourself in every possible part of the sector. She who cultivates the land will take possession. Women tend to bring more than their fair share to the table because they are commited in collecting food for their families for millennia. But a worrisome trend in the Western hemisphere is the emotional, feminist narrative which feeds on a presumed gender inequality.

Men are blamed as being the source of the problems women face. This is a
controversial issue, but most importantly is that we have to accept that gender roles are there for a reason and women and men have their own strengths in different fields. We have to treat it accordingly and with mutual respect.

For the city-bound woman who wants to experience farming, we have good
news in this month’s edition. We take a look at Cattle Wealth Management who offers a share in a cattle farm where they do the management and you reap a part of the benefits. RSA Feed and Grain shows us their innovative design to secure proper hygiene in the lambing shed, leading to fewer mortalities and more profits. Drotsky is famous for their hammer mills and show us their Southern African range.

Agritech is upon us. Prepare yourself for this year’s show with the terrain
plan inside.

Farm smartly!
Du Preez de Villiers-

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