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ProAgri Zambia 034

Small, frustrating steps. That is how farmers are fighting to sell their maize at a reasonable price.  Minister of Agriculture, Michael Katambo, recently imposed an administrative measure on the export of maize, but he emphasized that it is not a ban. The old argument was put forward – food security is paramount to free market principles.

One just has to ask how other nations around Zambia manage to accommodate both of these. On the other hand, the Food Reserve Agency is far from reaching their target of buying 500 000 tonnes of maize. Around 40% has already been acquired and nobody knows how the new planting season will turn out. But according to the Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) there is enough maize in the country to last until the upcoming harvest period. The renewed politics around maize trade in Zambia surprises us every season, because nothing really changes…

Talking about the planting season which is already upon us, smallholder farmers are eagerly awaiting their FISP sponsored inputs. Some remote places in North West Province received their inputs in time, but limited infrastructure, communication and inadequate banking facilities still cause many headaches.
This month we introduce a new short series on calf weaning by NoseRing, the Dairy Board of Zambia makes an important announcement, Vitamech tells us more about two of their exciting products to ensure maximum harvest, and Zimmatic does not cut corners with their lateral irrigation system.

Farm smartly!
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Read ProAgri Zambia 034 here: ProAgri Zambia Issue 034

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