ProAgri Botswana/Namibia/Zimbabwe 01

Africa does not always make sense. A huge share of our food security depends on those invisible millions and millions of small farmers who work the land where there are very weak or no cell phone signals, where shops are far and wide apart, where disposable income is limited and where agricultural support, extension services and educational and informative material is virtually non-existent.

These are also the people who fall through the cracks of global agricultural advancement and it is going to cost us as food consumers dearly in the long run. Someone has to look after the informational and technological well-being of these people who work non-stop to keep the rural areas stable and satiated. This is also true of the commercial farmers and enterprises who excel against all odds.

In your hand or on your screen is the first ProAgri BNZ (Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe) issue. This is the fourth monthly freemium (free and premium) magazine in the ProAgri group, whose aim is to make agricultural knowledge available to the farmers of Africa.

ProAgri South Africa has already been disseminating valuable information to farmers for 25 years, ProAgri Zambia is 4 years old and GROW, our online educational aid to emerging farmers, has also just seen the light.

We believe that knowledge is one of the most important drivers of agriculture and we believe it should be free.  We also believe that it should be easily accessible to those who need it most. Therefore, our distribution is geared to put a copy in the hands of even the most isolated farmer. We formed distribution partnerships with rural agro contact points such as livestock auctioneers and agro shops, where every farmer must call at least once a month to buy his inputs or sell his produce.

We aim to cover the whole agricultural spectrum with different series and articles. Every month we shall also publish country-specific news and introduce new technology and products from our advertisers. Enjoy ProAgri BNZ!

For the farmers who have cell phone coverage, please WhatsApp your name, surname, country, main agricultural activity and e-mail address to +27(0)84-041-1722 in order to receive the magazine on WhatsApp or via e-mail. It will take less than 15 MB per issue.

Farm smartly!

Du Preez de Villiers –

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