ProAgri BNZ 32

NAMPO is back, and it is back with a bang!

NAMPO is the biggest agricultural event in the Southern Hemisphere.
It attracts major role players and decision makers into one proverbial room, to engage on the health of the agricultural sector in South Africa.

This year, NAMPO is back after being halted for the past two years, and it came back at a time when the industry is excited on achieving record harvests.

The farming sector is obligated to actively pursue and inform this present
generation about the multitude of new technologies available to farmers —
ones that will radically change the way we produce food and fibre in the future.

Agriculture is the most regionally intensive industry in the world. Soil type,
climate and local markets create farming, rather than the other way around. For consumers, farmers are almost the only moral touchstone in a world where everyone seems directed only by their self-interest.

In our cover story we look at John Deere’s construction machines. As
Africa’s agriculture sector grows, more and more farmers and project
managers are using equipment and machinery to improve their agribusinesses.

We also take a look at New Holland’s famous Twin Rotor harvesting
system and at giving your sheep a head-start the Rumax way.
We are excited to present to you yet again another exclusive copy
of ProAgri BNZ where we discuss everything in the farming sphere.

We promise to keep the momentum going and to give you the information
that is vital for your business.

Farm smartly!
Bianca Henning –

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