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Farming, the beginning of the food chain The origin of food products is in agriculture. New technologies and methods have been developed to greatly increase the variety of agricultural inputs available to farmers and enhance the productivity of farming.

Consequently, farmers have a dual responsibility: to supply primary
agricultural products with acceptable evels of man-made chemicals, in large enough quantities at affordable prices, and to minimise any damage caused to the environment.

This basic concept of farming has remained a constant ever since man
started to select and grow plants and to raise animals for his personal use, to exchange his farm products for other goods, and to sell them for money.
Farming, therefore, is a highly complex enterprise that requires various
elements, including adequate soil and water, efficient machinery to plough
and plant the crops, as well as to harvest and transport them. It needs
fertilisers to supplement natural soil nutrients, antibiotics to prevent
animal disease, and pesticides to protect crops against insects,
weeds, and various micro-organisms.

Have you thanked a farmer today? Farmers not only grow the food that
feeds us, but they steward the land, tend the soil, and help bring us into
closer communion with the places we call home and the changing of
the seasons.

Getting to know my local, sustainable farmers always inspires me and gives me hope. Even when the days are dark and shrouded in smoke, and the world seems about to end, farmers are out there working hard and making magic happen, restoring my faith in the future of life on this planet, turning the tiniest seeds into vibrant, bountiful food.

So, the next time you have the chance, thank a farmer because …
No farmers, no food.

Farm smartly!

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