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ProAgri BNZ 29

Rain brings hope to farmers

A valid claim made by the Oxford Business Report is that agriculture remains one of the most important sectors in the economies of many countries across Africa. Agriculture accounts for 14% of total GDP in sub-Saharan Africa, and most of the continent’s population is employed by the sector.

Agriculture currently finds itself at a pivotal time in history. Not only do farmers have to embrace those production methods and technologies that will help them adapt to a changing climate that is increasing the frequency and intensity of droughts and floods, but they also have to be more responsive to shifting consumer demands.

Humanity has always survived by the ability to adapt, but it seems to me that the next decade or two will require it to change more and faster than ever before.

Like the agricultural sector, the media is also going through a time of evolution. We have to adapt to the new ways in which people choose to consume information by communicating in different formats on a multitude of platforms.

Therefore, ProAgri is very excited with the launch of a brand-new website, ProAgri Media. Keep an eye on our website and social media for more information.

We are very positive about the estimated production figures for the 2022 harvests. This is largely due to the good rains on many farms. But production does not solely depend on rain. It also depends on the quality of the machinery used, and the management practices implemented by the farmer. That is where ProAgri helps every farmer – by providing the latest, most relevant information on the agricultural technology available.

In this edition of ProAgri BNZ, we take a look at the Agri Growth Forecast for 2022, as well as advanced irriga­tion equipment and technology from Valley®. We learn how to grow and harvest sweet potatoes and we kickstart a new series on the use of helicopters in the agricultural industry.

Remember that you can also receive our publications in digital form. WhatsApp your name, surname, country, main agricultural activity, and e-mail address to +27 (0) 84-041-1722 to receive the magazine directly on your phone.

Farm smartly!

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