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Good news with which to start off the new planting season is that the
greater part of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region is likely to receive normal to above normal rainfall between October and December 2021, and between January and March 2022. This good news was contained in a statement released at the end of the 25th annual Southern Africa Climate Outlook Forum (SARCOF).

Whether you believe the weatherman or not, in these days of extreme conditions, it always remains good advice to feel positive, but to prepare for
the worst. A good early season means that summer pastures can be prepared and planted early, and you may be able to get in an extra cut of hay or lucerne to stock up for the winter.

In our series on balers, we focus on the working of these machines that were developed to help farmers plan and prepare for the future. Every farmer is a custodian of soil, plant and animal life, and as such he or she should always think one step ahead of the rest of humanity.

The following profound statement appears in a recent report of the FAO
(Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations): “Farmers are not
only our food producers; they are also guardians of our natural resources: soil, water, biodiversity and seeds. They are, in addition, innovators. Since the beginning of agriculture, farmers have had to change, adapt, and create new ways of working the land, of dealing with difficult terrain, and of enduring extreme climates and weather phenomena. Their survival and livelihoods depended on it, so they found ways to make it work.”

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We hope you have a good productive farming season ahead!

Farm smartly!
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