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Nampo is cancelled for 2021. The annual agricultural show that saw thousands of visitors flock to the small South African town of Bothaville has once again been thwarted by the pandemic’s measures. Suppliers would have ensured that they have enough stock to sell during Nampo, but now there are loads of capital locked up in this stock, without a show to exhibit it. How can they convert this stock back into capital now?

ProAgri and have the solution!

Business enterprises can use ProAgri’s platforms to continue conveying their message to prospective customers in the following ways:

  • Place articles and advertisements in our various magazines, which are distributed in 5 countries.
  • Furthermore, these articles and advertisements can be distributed on any of ProAgri’s digital platforms, reaching more than 12- million farmers monthly in 10 African countries.
  • Companies can also upload information about any of their products on and watch how it is snapped up by buyers.
  • Apart from written articles and advertisements, ProAgri can also help you demonstrate your agricultural implements. We take videos of your demonstration and distribute it by targeting the African countries of your choice. In this way, the farmer can feel as if he is standing next to the field, watching the demonstration, while he sits in the comfort of his armchair.

It is not only prospective buyers who can benefit from, but also farmers who want to sell second-hand equipment, livestock, or any other products. We load your product with a short description on the webpage and millions of prospective buyers will have instant access to it.

Farmers who wanted to look at the latest and greatest equipment at Nampo can still do so without leaving their homes. They can still view the same equipment on our website and read insightful, technical articles about the equipment on Follow us on Facebook to keep abreast of new content on the website.

To take advantage of ProAgri and’s excellent marketing opportunities contact Diane Grobler on 082-555-6866 or send an email to

Farm smartly!
Jaco Cilliers

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