ProAgri BNZ 19


Farmers are facing ever increasing challenges, low profit margins and the need for higher production in the face of climate change to name a few. In this issue of ProAgri BNZ we provide information on how you can manage to effectively utilise every square metre of your farm.

This issue features insightful articles on how to farm more efficiently with
smart strategic planning, as well as how to make a maximum profit with
minimum resources. It also includes guidelines on the best practices in the
sheep and goat farming industry, as well as helpful tips on boosting your
vegetable production.

Due to the isolated nature of farmers, they are very self-sufficient. Many
farmers keep their own vegetable patch to produce their own vegetables for
domestic consumption, instead of buying it from the local supermarket. Whether your nearest shop is 10 or 100 km away, it is always beneficial to grow your own fresh produce. This will ensure that you will have the freshest vegetables and will also guard you against fluctuating prices.

Apart from ProAgri BNZ’s own informative articles, this issue also contains the latest technology that companies such as Reinke, LEMKEN and John Deere have on offer. Exciting news from the John Deere company is that they will expand their product range to include machines for the construction and forestry industries. Read more about what they have to offer on page 3.

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Farm smartly!

Jaco Cilliers-

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