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There is nothing like a rolling African thunderstorm sweeping over
hectares of farmland. The rains bring life with it and revitalises the soil, and often the farmers as well. After years of drought some areas of Southern Africa received their first rain in the first months of 2021.

Most of these farmers can now experience some relief due to the fact that the soil’s moisture content has been restored, and the underground water
sources replenished.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for all regions. Some parts of the region are still gripped in the clutches of severe drought. I have heard many
stories where one farm had 50 mm of rain, while another farmer 50 km away received only 5 mm on the same day.

Some things just cannot be explained. Estimated production figures are
positive for the 2021 harvests. This is largely due to the good rains that many farms had. But production does not solely depend on rain. It also depends on the quality of the machinery used, and the management practices implemented by the farmer. That is where ProAgri helps every farmer – by providing the latest, most relevant information on the agricultural technology available.

Each farm is as unique as the farmer himself, and a one-size-fits-all approach to your farm simply will not work. ProAgri does the research for
you. We talk to the experts from leading agricultural companies, and to the
farmers that use the equipment, to provide you with the best perspective
before you decide on which purchase to make.

Visit for the best editorial content on the latest agricultural developments, and to find all the products that you may need to farm optimally.

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Farm smartly!
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