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The emerging farmer is the future of agriculture in Africa. This is evident due to the fact that the emerging farmers and small-scale farmers represent the largest segment in the African agricultural industry. These young people have a passion for agriculture and an entrepreneurial spirit that drives them.

Like any other business, they have to start with the capital and resources that they have available, but their aspirations are to employ more people, produce more agricultural products, and make more profit. The challenges that they face are access to resources such as business loans, and secondly the knowledge and expertise required to farm on a more commercial level.

Over the past two decades commercial agriculture has evolved to become more precise and more scientific than ever before. Anyone who wants to farm on a commercial scale needs to understand this and have the knowledge and support to be able to compete.

The good news is that there is an increasing awareness of the emerging farmer segment among the large agricultural corporations. Companies are reaching out in various ways. Some months ago, ProAgri BNZ featured an article on how John Deere is reaching out to Zimbabwean farmers by making financing and equipment available to them.

This month we see that Bayer is also reaching out to emerging farmers by providing the knowledge needed to increase productivity. This paradigm shift in the industry should be an encouragement to emerging farmers throughout Southern Africa. This is an opportunity for Africa, and more specifically Southern Africa, to show that agriculture can lead the way out of the economic woes that have been prevalent on the continent, especially in the COVID-19 aftermath.

ProAgri BNZ also plays a role in providing free information that will empower emerging farmers to keep abreast of the latest farming techniques and technology. We aim to provide training through our series of educational articles on various forms of livestock such as pigs, poultry, cattle and goats, while our scientific article series on soil, crop protection and irrigation will enable the crop farmer to increase his productivity and profit.

Apart from providing the farmer with the information he needs, we can also provide all the products that he needs through the agricultural e-commerce platform, There is no need to look any further to find everything that you will need to farm successfully.

Remember that you can also gain access to our information through our various online and digital platforms. Find us on Facebook at ProAgri and select your country, or visit our website at For all your buying and selling needs, visit Readers are also encouraged to contact me directly via the e-mail address provided below. I would love to hear what you are busy with on your farm, or what is happening in your region.

Farm smartly!

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