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While grain farmers are working hard to get their yields into the silos, we at ProAgri BNZ have also been busy to bring you the latest technological news in the agricultural industry.

Apart from our usual article series on best practices in various farming branches, we also showcase a multitude of products and services within the agricultural industry. In this, our 10th edition, we feature articles on Bayer Zimbabwe’s new product launch that will not only help the farmer to increase his tobacco production, but also preserve the biodiversity of the environment through its eco-friendly technology.

We also take a closer look at the latest irrigation technologies available from various irrigation companies. For the niche farmers we feature an article on pecan nut farming and the many benefits that it can bring as an additional branch to your farming business.

Livestock farmers will enjoy our articles on cattle handling equipment from Tal-Tec, and Falcon gives more insight to the spare parts market of mechanisation.

We at ProAgri are passionate about farming and very excited about the future of agriculture in Africa. The African continent has the potential to make a real difference in food security for the whole world, and many companies are realising this. More and more agricultural companies are becoming involved in African agriculture, which means that you, the farmer, will enjoy a wide choice, guaranteed good service and high-quality products.

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For all your agricultural product needs, visit Readers are also more than welcome to contact me directly via the e-mail address provided below. I would love to hear what you are busy with on your farm, or what is happening in your region.

Farm smartly!

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