ProAgri BNZ 08


As the world and Southern Africa are still gripped in the COVID-19 pandemic, people are realising the need for some form of normality to return. Southern Africa is expected to move to less restrictive measures in order for the economy to regain momentum. Borders can be crossed provided that you have the correct permits.   

In Botswana some of the restrictive measures on transport have been lifted and the Minister of Transport issued close to 300 new permits. Namibia and South Africa are both contemplating the risks of reopening schools so that the children can continue with their education.   One thing that all the countries had in common, even under the most restrictive conditions, is that agriculture was deemed an essential service. The farmers had to keep on farming in order to feed their people, and for the agricultural industry it was business as usual. 

 In this edition of ProAgri BNZ we introduce three new series of articles that will provide more information on irrigation principles, pig production and poultry farming. We also continue with the series on soil, beef handling, building dams, and spraying your crops.  

We know that a farmer’s work never stops so we shall continue to supply you with the latest information to help you grow your business.  

Remember that you can also find our publications in digital form. WhatsApp your name, surname, country, main agricultural activity and e-mail address to +27 (0) 84-041-1722 to receive the magazine directly on your phone.

Farm smartly!

Jaco Cilliers –

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