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While the COVID-19 restrictions are dragging on throughout Southern Africa, I am reminded of how resilient the agricultural sector can be. It is the only sector in the world that remained functioning at full capacity.

As the southern hemisphere moves from winter to spring, we hope that the warmer weather will also help combat the spreading of the infections.

While the tobacco farmers of Zimbabwe are preparing their seedlings to be transplanted to the fields on the 1st of September, the cotton farmers are also hard at work in preparation for this year’s planting season. Welcome news is that Bayer has launched a dual action insecticide aimed at helping cotton farmers to expand this lucrative industry. Adding value to your agricultural products can have a significant impact on your yearly turnover.

Processing maize to manufacture animal feed will give you access to a whole new market, especially in countries such as Botswana and Namibia which rely heavily on South Africa for their livestock feed imports. Jones Masjiene has been in the business of manufacturing grain processing machines for more than two decades, and they are the perfect partners to help you grow your business by adding value to your products.

Small-scale farmers tend to believe that pivot irrigation is not a viable option due to the fact that these systems are usually built for larger areas and are quite often too expensive. Reinke has the solution. See their article on the advantages of their mini pivot, specifically designed to meet the needs of emerging farmers.

We also have exciting news from Isuzu, New Holland and Senter360 for our readers, apart from the regular articles with information on the best practices for different branches of farming, from irrigation to poultry farms and piggeries.

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Farm smartly!

Jaco Cilliers

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