Pig farming for profit: Wangwa hogs Agritech Show


The first thing that visitors to the Agritech Show saw when they entered through the main gate, was a double storey crate with pigs. This was the Wangwa Farms stand. Wangwa Farms displayed a few of their best pig specimens to demonstrate their top genetics.

“We are very well placed compared to last year and visitors showed a lot of interest. The farmers loved to peek through the wooden structure to have a glimpse of our boar and sows,” Matilda Chindale, Gene Transfer Technician, says.

Wangwa Farms is well known for the semen and gilts they offer to Zambian farmers, big, medium and small. The farm is situated a few kilometres north of Chisamba and the owner, Peter Luyt, runs a magnificent operation, where he even controls his supply chain by mixing his own pig feed in a very strictly bio-controlled plant. Wangwa Farms is the agent for PIC, the renowned and largest pig genetics distributer in the world. They are very strict on whom they choose as agents, therefore they conduct regular inspections and even have access to the records of every agent in the world. Besides Zambia, Wangwa supplies the northern part of Sub Sahara Africa like Tanzania, the DRC, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Rwanda. Their closest other PIC  agent is in South Africa.

Peter knows exactly what pig farmers need. He established a training facility next to the gene transfer centre where a farmer can buy an easily transportable insemination kit, and attend a course on how to perform this delicate task.

Peter also thought of an ingenious idea to utilise the tons of pig slurry produced by the thousands of pigs in his facility. Integrated in the piggery project is a tilapia dam next to the 500 sow project. Before every season, the pig slurry is fed into the dams – just enough to stimulate algae growth for a certain number of fish. By the time the fingerlings are released into the dam, there is enough food to ensure growth for a profitable harvest after their nine month growing period.

For more information, contact Peter Luyt at +26 (0)96-685-1587 or Matilda Chindale at Wangwa’s piggery office at +26 (0)96-196-0816

Feature photo: The Wangwa team at their stand at Agritech were Kasamba Moonga, Trainee lab technician; Philip Mweemba, Sow house supervisor and Training technician and Matilda Chindale, Gene transfer technician.

The slaughter males on Wangwa Farms are bred to produce top quality meat.

Every sow on Wangwa Farms is guaranteed to be prime breeding stock and promises to deliver maximum profits.

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