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Pick-a-tank from the KRM Plastics moulded series for the farm

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Food grade plastic tanks without smells or tastes, and even of a quality suitable for Hydroponic applications, are now available to everyone. An old stalwart, with more than 20 years of experience in the plastic roto-moulding industry, KRM Plastics, is a specialist in this field.

Rotation casters make use of a heated hollow mould that turns around slowly so that the hot plastic can be sprayed on evenly and cover the inside of the mould completely. These products can be manufactured in any colour.

In instances where a farmer requires a horizontal tank, KRM Plastics has the solution ready and waiting.

The key to moulded plastic products of the highest order is the design and manufacturing of the mould. So the capable engineering team of KRM Plastics build their own complete moulds on site. This makes it easier for KRM Plastics to comply with the requirements of their clients. The moulds are made from aluminium or steel on the KRM Plastics premises, ensuring far superior quality control and a much more efficient product.

 The products are made from linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). Polyethylene is a lightweight thermoplastic material and is extremely tough and long-lasting. It is environmentally friendly and can be easily repaired with a heat-welding process, if necessary. The ultraviolet stabiliser in the material was developed to provide long-term protection and stability against the harsh rays of the sun.

KRM Plastics supply a variety of products in sizes from 220 to 20 000 litre. This includes vertical and horizontal water tanks, sanitation tanks, fertiliser tanks, meat bowls, firefighting tanks, external diesel tractor tanks, planter tanks, feeding troughs, water troughs and dog kennels. The thickness of the walls can be made to order.

The KRM Plastics client service can advise buyers on which chemicals may be stored in the polyethylene tanks, although the tanks have excellent chemical resistance and are basically maintenance-free. The material resists algae growth and can be steam-cleaned without any problems.

Al the KRM Plastics vertical water and chemical tanks have an 8 year warranty.

KRM Plastics is certified with Agrément South Africa and is a member of ARMSA (Association of Rotational Moulders of Southern Africa).

If you want to store any liquid trouble-free, contact KRM Plastics by sending an email message to , or phone any of the following numbers: 034-341-1360, 082-898-6884 or 082-443-9329.

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