People must eat

The ProAgri Media Group welcomes the fact that the President has clearly defined agriculture and food supply as essential services to be maintained during the period of lockdown. It enables us to continue with our daily activities.

The steps announced by the government to curb the spread of Covid-19 will only be effective if everybody works together and abides by the rules. The ProAgri Media Group respects those rules and will also in the interest of the safety of our own staff and those we come in contact with, as journalists and representatives, conduct our business remotely. Our staff are all set up to work from home.

We will, however, continue in our role as communicator between suppliers, farmers and buyers. We fully agree with the statement distributed by John Deere SSA: “This global pandemic has highlighted the importance of continual agricultural production, and we remain committed to supporting our operations and customers, those who are critical to feeding and sheltering the world.”

We are part of the essential food supply chain, just as farmers and other agricultural companies are, and we regard the communication channels we provide as part of the solution to minimise the long term effects of the current state of isolation.

Through ProAgri, ProAgri Zambia, ProAgri Botswana/Namibia/ Zimbabwe,,, our e-newsletters and social media network we reach 2 million farmers and industry related people every month. Our printed magazines will be distributed as soon and wide as possible at all our distribution points in all five countries. With the provision of animal feed and other agricultural insets being an essential service, our distribution points would for the most part remain functional.

The magazines, articles and advertisements will be splashed online and send out to our 140 000+ newsletter recipients.

We will fully utilise our well developed online communication network to connect suppliers and buyers and also to help people develop new opportunities.

It is probably safe to say that the way of doing business has changed forever, but people will always need to eat, and we need to explore new ways of getting products from the farm to the fork.

Please make use of our free search-and-sell vehicle www. to introduce and sell your products to the public, to farmers, or to resellers. We call on you to protect yourself and look out for the weak and vulnerable.

Wishing you a safe journey through these times

Annemarie Bremner, Managing Editor, ProAgri Group

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