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‘Park’ your boat or jetski on water with AfriDock floating blocks

Roelof Mouton, managing director of AfriDock, explaining at the KragDag Expo how their floating block system works.

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Farmers rely on expensive machinery – tractors, combines, cultivators, fork lifts . . .– and the successful farmer will ensure that his machinery is stored under cover away from the ravages of nature. But some farmers also have expensive ‘toys’; maybe a deep sea boat or jetski, and here AfriDock has now come forward with an innovative idea of storing it safely on the water so that the farmer can concentrate on the demands of farming.

“AfriDock is a system of interlocking floating blocks – linked together almost like a building block toy system for kids – and locked together with a specially designed pin system to build a ‘dock’ that will fit a boat or jetski like a glove,” says Roelof Mouton, managing director of Afridock.

“The building blocks for the dock come in different forms, such as those for the gangway to the dock fitted with rollers arranged in a V-form to allow a boat or jetski to glide onto it, allowing it to lie high and dry on the dock and not float on the water. This has the advantage that no algae or other unwanted growth will collect on the bottom of the boat or jetski, cutting maintenance costs. The ‘dock’ is fitted with cleats to anchor the jetski/boat securely.”

“The farmer can decide how many blocks he wants and can decide to extend the system at any time, should the need arise,” says Roelof.

The AfriDock blocks measure 300 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm and comes in a cloudy grey colour. It is UV-resistant, should last for longer than 20 years and has a non-slip surface.

 “The sole purpose of the system is to safeguard boats and jetskis – expensive items used by the farmer for leisure and relaxation. They have to be cared for in the same way as expensive farm equipment,” says Roelof.

“We can assemble the dock or the farmer can do it by himself. All the necessary fittings are supplied for the assembly of the dock.”

However, the ingenuity of Afridock does not stop there. The company has now taken the concept further, designing building blocks on which pumps and solar panels can float on the water in dams and rivers. “We are agents for Cedar solar pumps and Renewsys solar electricity panels. This means that we can provide a complete service to the farmer,” says Roelof.

The AfriDock V-Slide roller block is designed in such a way that a boat or jetski can float into it under power.

AfriDock supplies three types of floating blocks:

Lightweight – Used to float solar panels on the water.

Medium weight – For boats and jetskis.

Heavy weight – For industrial and mining applications and for large-size pumps such as those used by irrigation farmers to pump water from a dam or river.

For more information about ‘parking’ your boat or jetski on a dam or in river, contact Roelof Mouton on (cellphone) 083-280-4690 or (landline) 011-394-8117, or you can view the system on the website .

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