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Optimise your energy usage with Averge Technologies

The photo voltaic panels that were installed in Bloemfontein are a combination of roof mounted and ground level panels. These panels generate enough electricity to exceed the Vodacom Centre’s 380 kW daily demand.

Electronics and electricity play a vital role on every farm. The farming sector is becoming increasingly dependent on electronics with the increasing use of digital and satellite technology to enable precision farming.

One negative aspect of the digital age is that people are more dependent on electricity and connectivity, and therefore more at risk to power failures and damage caused by surges and lightning. Averge has the solution to all your electronic and electrical needs. Since 2016, Averge has been the company that many people and businesses have turned to for electrical and electronic solutions.

One such company was Vodacom who contracted Averge to help them save on their electricity bill in their Bloemfontein exchange. Averge engineered and designed a 510-kW solar energy plant to meet their 380-kW daily demand and furnished it with the best lightning and surge protection available on the market.

Nina Jordaan (Marketing Coordinator), Edwin Hubbard (Network Optimisation Executive), and Gerrit Meyer (Earthing, Surge & Lightning Protection Executive) are part of the team that were responsible for the installation at the Vodacom centre in Bloemfontein.

This system enables Vodacom to save 25% on their monthly electricity bill by generating their own power on site through solar power. Saving 25% per month on energy costs means that the whole system will finance itself over time. According to Edwin Hubbard, Network Optimisation Executive at

Averge, the average period for return on investment is 5 years. Vodacom did not only need a way to decrease their monthly energy costs, but was also exposed to risk of lightning damage. The 45-metre mast on the site that was used for telecommunications posed a serious threat to safety during lightning storms. Gerrit Meyer, Earthing, Surge and Lightning Protection Executive, explained how they mitigated this problem through clever design.

“Whenever you exceed 20 metres in height it changes the level of lightning threat. Above 20 metres, the mast is exposed to the threat of side strikes of lightning. Any electronic wiring or device will be destroyed when being exposed to the heat from lightning (the average temperature of lightning is between 20 000˚ C to 30 000˚ C).”

The 45-metre tall telecommunication mast gave the team a unique set of challenges. Averge managed to protect the infrastructure from indirect and direct lightning risk which was exacerbated by the mast. Another challenge that the mast posed was the shadow it casts over the panels. This was mitigated through clever engineering and state-of-the-art design.

After completing a risk assessment, the team designed and installed a lightning protection system and tied it into the existing earth termination system and infrastructure. “To date we have seen quite a few hail and lightning storms and we have not lost any equipment,” Gerrit says.

Averge provides solutions for any application, regardless of the size. They provide the whole service from planning, design, and engineering. Whether you are looking for a solution to protect your electronics from lightning or want to save money on your monthly electricity bill by using solar energy, Averge Technologies has a solution that will be tailor-made to suit your needs.

There is no application too big or too small for Averge Technologies. “We can provide small-scale solar systems to power gate motors, or convert the whole farm to solar energy,” says Edwin.

To find out more about how Averge Technologies can protect your investment, or help you save on energy costs, contact Nina Jordaan at or phone the office on 012-450-0940.

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