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No-toil tilling, cutting, ripping with the Amazone Ceus-2TX

The impressive Amazone Ceus-2TX was launched at the Val Farmer’s Day and created a stir among the inquisitive farmers. It is available in widths of 4 to 7 m.

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Farms are getting bigger; cultivation time becomes shorter; the diesel price keeps rising, and conservation tilling is becoming increasingly important. Sometimes a farmer wants to cut through plant rests; sometimes he wants to do tine cultivation; and many times both are necessary.

With the Amazone Ceus-2TX all these challenges can be faced and cultivation still be completed in time to watch the Saturday rugby game.

At the Val Farmer’s Day farmers flattened the sods around this versatile machine to study its attributes with amazement. Ruben van der Merwe, product specialist of Falcon Agricultural Equipment, explained that Amazone had combined their speed disc harrow, Catros, and their tine cultivator, Cenius, to manufacture this all-in-one cultivator.

 “It is perfect for farms producing lots of organic material and stubble that has to be ploughed in, but which would choke up a tine implement easily,” explains Ruben. “Best of all is that the machine need not be left in the store if the farmer wants to do disc or tine tilling only on certain lands as specific actions of the machine can be de-activated temporarily,”

Ruben van der Merwe of Falcon Agricultural Equipment says the machine provides for the challenges and comfort of the farmer, while requiring a minimum need for maintenance.

This is how the Ceus-2TX works

It has two rows of staggered, mounted discs in front positioned for a row width of 12,5 cm. The front disc row has an aggressive 17° incidence angle, and the back row enters the soil at an angle of 14°. This means that the organic material is cut and spread aggressively, then mixed with the upper layer of topsoil where it can disintegrate to improve soil conditions for germination and growth.

The depth and aggressiveness of the disc tilling is adjusted on the parallel shackles and may vary between 5 and 14 cm, or it can be deactivated completely if the farmer prefers to use the tines only. Die notched discs have a diameter of 510 mm.

 Ruben says: “The front disc row has double oil-filled, sealed bearings. It is a hard-wearing, maintenance-free product. Every disc arm has independent suspension, and rubber buffers provide protection against stones and ensure exact contour levels. The tine section of the implement is behind the discs.”

 “The frame height is 800 mm and there is 400 mm room between the tines, which ensures good flow of material. Every tine has a 600 kg break-away action, and if it swings more than 30 cm, a shear bolt will protect the implement,” Ruben explains.

The working depth of the C-Mix Super-tines is 300 mm en shares are available from 40 mm to 350 mm, hardened or standard. With the C-Mix-Clip tines can be changed quickly and without the need of the inevitable tool box.

 There is an additional set of support wheels for machines of 6 and 7 metres wide to ensure that the implement runs evenly and at the set depth. Wheel compaction of the soil is prevented by a soil-loosening tine directly behind every wheel. The complete tine section can also be lifted if the disc harrow action only is required.

Behind the tines are covering discs or suspension rakes to even the soil, followed by a set of rollers of the farmer’s choice, depending on soil conditions. The rollers are also applied for depth control.

In very wet conditions the machine can also work without rollers when depth-control will be taken over by the wheels, and especially the over-sized centre-mounted oversize wheel. This wheel also allows narrow turns in the headland and good driving behaviour on the road.

The implement has a working speed of 8 to 15 km/h and requires a towing tractor of approximately 60 kW per meter working width. It is available in working widths of 4 to 7 metres.

Sections of the Ceus-2TX in action.
The tines can be lifted, as illustrated above, for seedbed preparation with the discs and rollers only.
The machine can also be utilised for tine cultivation only without the use of a roller.

Get your all-in-one Amazone solution from your nearest Falcon dealer or phone 033-330-5787 for more information. Also visit on the internet to view the complete range of Falcon equipment in action.

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