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No joy for cable thieves with the Agrico G4 centre pivot

Johan Myburgh, engineer and designer of the centre pivot, and Alfred Andrag, operational director of Agrico, at NAMPO Park, where they unveiled the G4 centre pivot to farmers for the first time.

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Too many farmers with centre pivot irrigation systems do not sleep well. They are lying awake because they are afraid of criminals targeting their machines to steal cables and other components. Now, however, with the new Agrico G4 centre pivot system, farmers can sleep soundly because thieves have been thwarted by the G4 – it is strong, tough, dependable and specifically designed to withstand cable and component theft.

Agrico has been manufacturing centre pivots in South Africa since 1985 but has been selling pivots directly from America way back in the seventies. Agrico is also the only company that has exhibited at every harvest day since the time of SAMPI. “We are veteran exhibitors on the NAMPO terrain,” says Alfred Andrag, operational director of Agrico.

When you ask him if they run a competition at NAMPO, Alfred responds with “we only give away prices”.

Their new centre pivot drew lots of attention at NAMPO 2019 because internet control is now an important instrument. “We redesigned the structure of the machine right from the start by using advanced engineering materials and with the aid of computer support designing,” Alfred says.

This new centre pivot design has an evenly loaded bridge structure which allows spans of up to 70 metres between towers. This covers up to 4,5 hectares with a single tower machine, 11,5 hectares with two towers, and 21,5 hectares with three towers. At present the spans are available with 101 en 127 mm pipe, with larger diameters coming into production soon.

The main advantages of the centre pivot, according to Johan Myburgh, design engineer of the centre pivot, are:

  • Safeguarded against theft: All important components are either hidden or made safe; thus one does not see any electric cables with the naked eye. The cables are inside the piping of the span and hidden in the tubular frame of the legs.
  • It is the longest curved structure available in the world;
  • The centre pivot can save farmers a lot of money. The tower structure is built very narrow, which means lower crop losses. The dead area next to the wheel track is lessened by more than 30% by placing the wheels of the tower directly against the structure of the tower. Less of the crop is trampled. This boosts the yield and keeps wheel tracks drier and shallower because more plants can absorb the water which would otherwise merely have run away in the wheel tracks;
  • The centre has been fully redesigned and now has a theft-free control box of stainless steel which has been welded directly onto the structure. The centre, as well as the connections between the towers, has a corrosive-free rubber-on-plastic seal for maintenance-free operation. Direct metal-to-metal flanges, with an internal ring seal, prevents ultra-violet damage to packings between flanges, as well as bridges that drop as a result of packings that become flat or wear out with years of operation. Every tie beam is attached to the angle irons with a single bolt;
  • Die 2,5 m spray pattern allows good wetting uniformity, even when low maintenance stationary irrigators are used. For modern moving irrigators with a better tyre width a 5 m spacing can be used; and
  • The centre pivot is suitable for African conditions – the price and value also. It will not topple over easily – it has better standing characteristics.
The G4 centre pivot is designed to prevent theft as all the valuable components are hidden inside the structure.

The Agrico G4 centre pivot makes use of web control options

Electro-mechanical control (Basic RAIN), as well as electronic control (Advanced RAIN) are available. The Agrico web control system has the ability to control more than one pump, change system pressure as and when pivots are switched on or off, or change its position. This saves on electricity costs. Only the best quality components are used. The system can be controlled from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

More about advanced RAIN:

  • Actions can be activated according to the machine’s position or for sectors;
  • A detailed history is saved of all consumer inputs, status, etc., with graphic illustrations that the farmer can study;
  • Calibration and irrigating changes are easy;
  • Text messages and/or telephone notices can be compiled; and
  • Varying levels of access can be provided to individual users.

Advanced RAIN and Agrico’s pump control can also be combined. The system can manage on/off control. Dynamic pressure control, reservoir control, irrigation block control, or multi-control of up to nine pumps.

The Agrico Advanced RAIN also has a 24/7 technical helpline: 076-523-1577.

Further characteristics of Agrico centre pivots:

  • Available with a 100 micron galvanised coating, which lengthens the lifespan with 80% in comparison with the industry standard of a 55 micron galvanised coating;
  • A full series of tyre sizes;
  • World-class gearboxes and motors;
  • Extensive warranty; and
  • The Autoflush-valve on the centre pivot deals with the problem of clogged nozzles on the overhang by flushing the machine every time it is switched on.

Agrico’s after-sales service is excellent. The centre pivot is delivered to the farmer, erected and activated. Agrico technicians are on standby to assist should their help be needed later. Furthermore the farmer can identify and probably solve some problems nowadays by means of Agrico’s Advanced RAIN by using the internet.

The wheels are directly next to the tower structure ensuring that less of the crop is lost because of wheel damage.

Agrico have the best irrigation solutions for your farm by surveying, designing, providing, installing and after-sales service to the farmer. Contact them today in connection with this
theft-preventing centre pivot to ensure that you will not have any more sleepless nights.

Contact Alfred Andrag by on 082-824-1214 or 021-950-4111, or send an email message to:

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