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No electricity? Pump with Speck Pumps SA solar power

Lize Westwood and Yolandi Gullett were at NAMPO Cape to market the products of Speck Pumps SA.

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Fifty years of service delivery in South Africa has taught Speck Pumps SA that no pump should stand idle and, even more important, that no pump should stand idle simply because there is no electricity.

“Speck Pumps SA supplies various speciality pumps for irrigation systems, swimming pools, spa baths and fish ponds,” says Lize Westwood, marketing manager of Speck Pumps SA.

Because Speck Pumps know the needs of every farm is different, they also supply specific pumps for the specialised requirements of the farmer.

“We prefer to do an analysis of the needs of every farmer we deal with to determine which equipment a farmer needs for his specific requirements. Based on the result we recommend the correct products so that the farmer can enjoy the advantages of suitable equipment,” Lize says.

Speck Pumps SA was founded in 1909 in Germany by Daniël Speck and his five sons and has become a well-known name in South Africa since 1969. The pumps are also sought after stalwarts in Australia and America.

In the Speck range there are pumps from 0,2 kW to 1,5 kW in single phase, and in three phase up to 5,5 kW. The BADU®-solar power system combination operates their single phase pumps up to 1,1 kW and three phase pumps up to and including 2,2 kW – this means that borehole pumps can also be connected.

“The pumps operate off solar power, or off solar power combined with Eskom electricity when there are cloudy days and the solar panels do not get direct sunlight but the pumps have to perform.

“To ensure that your pump is working, even if you are not on the farm, you can control it by means of your cellphone,” says Lize.

The Speck Pumps SA solar panels are also installed with a booster to enhance power delivery. Their MultiCyclone series is a brilliant pre-filtering appliance which can be instrumental in saving thousands litres of water per year in any water application such as aquaculture and swimming pools, because it makes it unnecessary to clean the water filter at strictly set times. “It is cleaned easily by merely opening the valve and flushing with only 15 litres water,” says Lize.

Speck pumps can deal with various capacities, such as the MultiCyclone 12, which can provide water flow of up to 18m³ per hour, the MultiCylone 16, which can move 30m³ per hour, and finally the giant 70XL, which can deal with a massive 90m³ per hour. Super and Ultra versions of the first two models are also on the bucket list. They are smaller and fits tightly against the pool pump.

“The pre-filter will catch up to 80% of the muck in or on the surface of your dam or pool water, and which is heavier than water, such as silt, twigs and leaves. The pre-filters removes up to 80% of the dirt from the water before it reaches the actual filter. It catches items up to 10 micron – that is as fine as glitter,” says Lize.

The BADU® solar power combination is the ideal solution to keep your pump pumping, even when the electricity grid is down.

Characteristics of the MultiCyclone:

• Easy installation;

• No filtering seepage to clean or replace;

• Fits most existing filtering systems;

• Lowers filter maintenance;

• Suitable for new as well as existing installations; and

• Comes with a quick-coupling attachment and flush valve;

Speck Pumps SA can also provide various other products to ensure that you will have clean and sparkling pool water this summer.

The MultiCyclone has a factory warranty of 24 months and the BADU® solar power system one of twelve months.

For more information regarding the merchandise of Speck Pumps SA, contact Lize Westwood on 021-704-1143 or send an email to You can also visit their website

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