New from SeedCo: Another early maturing, climate smart and double cobbing maize hybrid

by SeedCo Agronomy

At the wise age of 80 years, product leadership continues to be SeedCo’s pride, as the company added another climate smart, early to mature and double cobbing hybrid maize variety, SC 419, to its product range.

In a mission to establish food security in Africa and beyond, the SeedCo breeding pipeline continues to gush out mind blowing seed solutions in a world that is getting dryer, with unpredictable rainfall patterns. SC 419 goes to market in Zambia this season as a solution for green mealies, grain for maize meal and livestock feed blends.

SC 419 is ‘The Right Seed’ for your maize production, whether your needs are maize-wheat rotation, small-scale production for green maize on the cob, or large-scale dryland grain production. The variety has outstanding characteristics that speak to the satisfaction of these needs.

SeedCo demonstration plots.

Just look:

1.SC 419 offers outstanding high yielding potential, with averages of 9,5 tonnes per hectare (190 x 50 kg bags). This yield is recorded with standard management practices. This variety shows the ability to break beyond the limits of the 4 and 500 series because of its elasticity and stay-green characteristics. To add perspective to the figures, a harvest from one hectare (22 to 25 kg seed planted) of this variety can feed up to 20 families of 6 people for 12 months. It has a good high shell-out percentage of 80 to 92%. SC 419 is also a double cobber, a trait that can give you a minimum of 50% increase on revenue when grown for green mealies.

2.It matures quickly – 120 to 125 days – with an amazing elasticity in high rainfall areas. This positions this variety as a solution for marginal areas as well as a variety to plant across the country when rains are late to start, or as a later planted crop when the farmer has big fields that take weeks to plant. Its early to mature trait also positions it as a low input green mealie option because of the short period of irrigation. A short period in the field also means quicker on the market and reduced exposure to malevolent environmental factors.

3.It is a white semi-flint grain variety that speaks both to Zambia’s appetite for white grain and to the need for good milling qualities. The post-harvest storability is excellent and includes a good coat that resists weevil damage and shows good tolerance against aflatoxins.

4. SC 419 shows very good tolerance against leaf and cob rot diseases.

Adrian Chibanga, Chief Agronomist at SeedCo Zambia with a SC 419 cob.

SeedCo, the home of bumper harvests!

SeedCo invites farmers to come and see the performance of the variety in the over 1 000 live crop demonstration plots across the country, during their 2020 field days that run from February to April. Contact a SeedCo Agronomist near you for details or call +26(0)211 426 400.

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