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We are fortunate to be part of history in the making: Refreshing the DEKALB brand and logo launching the first DEKALB SA website.

The meaning behind moving from the solid logo to the kernel logo is to build on the strong past of the brand and make a commitment to focus fully on providing our customers with best in class maize hybrids.

The DEKALB brand has, over the past 10 years in South Africa, become synonymous with high quality seed and high performance maize hybrids. The DEKALB history stems from a long rich past of innovation and focused on moving agriculture forward and improving productivity.

The DEKALB brand is our commitment to provide customers with the best preforming maize hybrid high quality seed, deliver through the highest level of innovation. The DEKALB brand is also the commitment of constantly connecting with our customer and placing the customer central in all our business decisions and strategy.

The solid winged ear logo was used since the brand was introduction in 2005 in South Africa. We are now renewing the DEKALB logo and introducing the kernel ear logo, that will be used going forward.

The change along with the tagline “Seed Your Success” illustrates and demonstrate our commitment to the South African maize producer to keep delivering high preforming, superior quality maize hybrid seed to suit their needs.

Through this change we are recognizing the strong past of the DEKALB brand and we are committing to build a powerful future with you and our customer.

Please click on the below link to view a clip on the logo change and renewal:

Another new that we are very proud of, that supports our brand message and communication is the brand new DEKALB SA website,

It is set to serve as a one-stop platform for information about the DEKALB brand in South Africa. This site is dedicated to sharing product and technical information and agronomic resources, answering farmers’ questions, upcoming events and more.

Please click on the below link to view a clip on the new DEKALB SA website:

Join us in the excitement and looking forward to a fantastic future with the refreshed DEKALB logo and our new website as a unique platform to share innovation and information about this strong brand.

Source: Dekalb SA

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