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Meet the Mahindra top selling range – their TRACTORS

The Mahindra 7500 series is making an onslaught on the South African market with a most competitive price range beginning at R432 995.

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Mahindra South Africa is in the process of leaving a bigger footprint in South Africa with the launch of their range of tough and efficient tractors and farming equipment.

The new Mahindra tractors follow exactly a year after the group opened its plant in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. This plant manufactures the Mahindra Pik-Up bakkie series and confirms, according to their chief executive, Rajesh Gupta, that the group has a long-term vision for the country and the economy. Altogether 1 500 new bakkies have already been made for the local and regional African market.

During the launch of its tractors in the Northwest Province Mahindra also confirmed that South Africa would be the pivot point for the group’s export plans of its vehicles and farming equipment to the rest of Africa.

During the launch of the agricultural implement range Arvind Matthew, head of the Mahindra & Mahindra international activities, said: “At Mahindra we have made the striving of mankind towards prosperity our aim.”

“We challenge conventional thinking and use our resources and energy to find solutions for the problems of mankind – solutions which will help them and make their lives easier. In so far as we have grown in the world, we have decided to focus on South Africa as our nucleus market.”

Rajesh, chief executive of Mahindra South Africa, says: “Mahindra is the biggest tractor manufacturer in the world in terms of volume and many of our models have been designed for markets demanding tough, efficient and trouble-free farming equipment. Our initial market studies indicate that these characteristics are also in big demand in South Africa, and we believe our products will be popular with the farmers.”

The company is well-known for its bakkies and SUVs, with the Mahindra Bolero and Pik Up models that were received with acclaim by farmers. In this respect Mahindra is one of the fastest growing vehicle trademarks in South Africa with the Pik Up in the top ten most popular bakkies in the country.

Mahindra also markets a range of construction equipment under the Mahindra Earth Master trademark, which includes a highly efficient tractor-loader-backhoe and other yellow metal construction equipment. Finally Mahindra sells a comprehensive series Powerol diesel industrial generators, which it supports with maintenance servicing.

As part of its pledge to provide country-wide sales and service support, Mahindra has entered into a partnership with MB Plant SA (MBSA) to utilise its network of urban and rural sales and servicing points. MBSA is a department of the international MB AfroAsia-group, with activities in more than 20 countries.

Glenn Franklin DeSilva, chief group executive of MB AfroAsia, says: “We have been active world-wide since 1982, and in South Africa since 2013. We are proud to be in partnership with a world leader such as Mahindra and to supply farmers with a wide-ranging Mahindra equipment series.”

The price of the 6000 series begins at an attractive R297 995.

Mahindra 6000 and 7500 tractors

The highlight at the show was the Mahindra tractor range, which includes its 7500 and 6000 series. This series ranges from the Mahindra 6060 (55 hp/40,5 kW) to the powerful Mahindra 7590 (92 hp/68 kW).

The 7500 tractor range features a heavy-duty cast iron chassis, a choice of two and four wheel drive and two-speed power take-off systems (PTOs). Power is delivered to the drive train with Mahindra’s Easy Shift synchronised gearbox. All the 7500 models are fitted with four cylinder turbo-charged diesel engines with inter-coolers.

In the 6000 series the four cylinder turbo-diesel engine has been optimised to deliver a particularly flat torque curve, with maximum power delivery at the PTO as well as for towing purposes.

The 7500, as well as the 6000 range, has a dedicated left-hand synchronised reverse gear which provides smooth control for maximum efficiency during heavy loading and headland activity. The rear axle has big oil-cooled disc brakes and heavy duty interior planet reduction gear units for power, safety and dependability.

A luxurious cabin model with power shift transmission will be added to the range soon.

Hisarlar- and Mahindra equipment and other farm machinery

The Mahindra range of agricultural implements is completed with a series of machines for every step in the harvesting cycle. These implements, manufactured in India and Turkey, have been tested and proved themselves in various soil conditions and applications.

The wide-ranging implement series includes:

• Ploughing equipment: Heavy chisels, ploughs, harrows, cultivators and powered harrows;

• Sowing and planting machines; and

• Fertilizer spreaders and applicators;

After-harvesting equipment:

• Haymaking equipment: Harrows, small square baling presses, and silage baling presses.

Available soon: Sampo Rosenlew combine harvester

Sampo Rosenlew is a world-renowned manufacturer of combine harvesters selling more than 50 000 units in 60 countries with hot as well as cold climates.

Contact your nearest Mahindra dealer or phone Pumza Kondlo on 012-661- 3161 (landline) or send an email to for further information.

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