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Make profit by mixing your own livestock feed

Your livestock will be just as thankful as your wallet when you use the Feedtek range of concentrates.

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The main purpose of stock farming is profitability. The most important factors determining profitability is animal fertility and the growth of the offspring.  Both are directly dependent on the nutritional status of the animal.

Modern high producing animals require a wide range of different macro- and micro-nutrients at the correct and balanced levels to produce and reproduce optimally. Macro nutrients include energy, protein and macro minerals such as phosphate, while micro-nutrients include a wide range of trace minerals and certain vitamins. 

Save on feed cost

Feed cost may contribute up to 75% of the total operating expenses of an intensive stock farm operation. Therefore, it is critical for all stock farmers to always look at ways to cut back on feed expenses without compromising feed quality.   

One of the simplest ways to limit feed cost is to always try to produce the largest possible fraction of the feed ingredients on farm, since own produced feed ingredients are always cheaper than bought-in feed. It is therefore a common practice of stock farmers to produce their own roughage/hay and grains and to purchase only the remaining essential nutrients in the form of concentrates to balance the final feeds. The larger the fraction of nutrients that is self-produced, the smaller the portion to be purchased and the cheaper the feed cost per unit of nutrient. 

Unique range of concentrates

The Feedtek range of concentrates was developed according to this principle. In contrast to other concentrate ranges that include carriers and a large proportion natural protein, the Feedtek range includes no carriers or natural protein and consequently is highly concentrated. Carriers increase the transport cost per unit of critical nutrient and natural protein can be produced or purchased cheaper from local co-operatives or commodity traders. The Feedtek range also contains very low moisture levels, not only saving on transport cost, but also increasing the shelf life of products. 

The Feedtek range is produced by SA Premix, a specialist premix manufacturer, under strict quality assurance standards, including FAMI-QS®. The composition of each bag can therefore be guaranteed for complete peace of mind for the consumer.  The range have been used successfully since 2001 by numerous stock farmers throughout South Africa. The Feedtek team comprises of 10 professionally registered animal nutritionists with more than 150 years combined experience in the animal feed industry. The technical team includes specialists in the nutrition of dairy cows, beef cattle, small stock, pigs, ostriches and rabbits.

Professional technical services

A stock farmer who uses Feedtek concentrates to mix livestock feed, not only uses the products, but is supported by a personal and complete technical support service.  This service includes identification and evaluation of suitable feed ingredients, feed formulations, nutritional management and assistance with financial planning and decision making. 

For more information, visit the Feedtek website at, give us a call on 086-111-5362 or send an email message to

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