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Make haymaking merry with Massey

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Beautiful, easy-made hay is within the grasp of every farmer with the addition of the Welger round bale technology to the BHBW Massey-Ferguson series. In addition BHBW now offers local farmers and haymaking contractors a haymaking package deal that is hard to beat.

This follows on the takeover of the Lely fodder production section (which includes Welger) by AGCO, manufacturers of Massey Ferguson. In future farmers will now have access to a complete range of Massey-Ferguson haymaking equipment which, apart from round balers, also includes square and big block balers, drum and disc mowers, hay aerators, self-propelled rakes and loader options for bale handling. A self-propelled mower is also available on request from America.

The complete series is designed for high work performance, which enables farmers to make top quality hay productively and cost-effectively.

New Massey round balers

Massey Ferguson’s RB round baler series comprises seven models with fixed or adjustable chambers for baling hay, silage or straw.

Three fixed chamber models are available: the entry level MF RB 3130F Classic, the MF RB 3130F and the heavy duty RB 3130F Xtracut. These balers produce bales with a radius of 1,25 m. Eighteen steel rollers and fast bale rotation delivers uniform compact bales.

The series also includes four models with adjustable baling chambers – the MF RB 4160V Classic or Xtracut, and the MF RB 4180V Classic or Xtracut, which produce bales from 0,9 m to 1,6 or 1,8 m diameter weighing up to 800 kg. Four seamless double layer drive belts ensure hard-wearing performance at high speeds. Depending on the model, the balers are available with netting or twine binding, or twine as well as netting.

The Xtracut function with 13, 17 or 25 cutter blades – depending on the model – is available and allows a choice of product fineness. The blades are the longest in the industry; thus no material will be left uncut.

Features of the round balers include a camless pickup, which ensures an even feed of the material. Five rows of tines, spaced only 64 mm apart, ensures that material will be picked up evenly and cleanly.

Productivity can be increased by investing in bigger balers equipped with a Hydroflex control system. When the feed volume is too high, the floor at the back lowers automatically to allow material to exit; thus preventing blocking. Big blockages are cleared by seamless automatic lowering of the hydraulic rear floor, lever-controlled from inside the cabin.

All models is fitted with a Powersplit gearbox dividing the power between the baling chamber and rotor. This lowers the power demand and ensures smoother performance. Automatic lubrication lengthens the life of chains and lowers the need for servicing. It is not required to remove a roller from the baler to replace a bearing.

The other balers in the Massey Ferguson series are the popular, smaller series square bale model with its straight line design, and big block balers with high capacity work performance that have already proved their value under local working conditions.

A clean cut for regrowth

Success with haymaking begins with a good, clean cut that will promote regrowth. To kick this off, Massey-Ferguson has a variety of reel mowers to provide in every need. Similar to the hay aerators and self-propelled rakes the reel mowers offer the same technology and all advantages of the proven Fella technology after the take-over of Fella by AGCO in 2011.

Three point and trailed mowers, with cutting widths of 1,66 to 9,3 metres, are available, as well as models with a working width of 3 metres which can be mounted on the front of a tractor. Roller-bruisers are available depending on the model.

Power rakes with single or two or four rotors are obtainable in models from 3,4 to 12,5 metres. These rakes are designed to gather large quantities of material quickly into neat windrows irrespective of the terrain.

The three tedders have working widths of 4,5 to 6,6 metres. One of the features is a self-stabilising connecting system which ensures stability in the working mode and when it has to be transported – also against inclines.

Massey Ferguson’s self-propelled WR 9760 windrower, from the AGCO Hesston factory in America, guarantees efficient and economic windrowing of any crop – from lucerne to grass to silage maize to wheat. Die WR 9760, with its 149 kW AGCO Power engine, is available with a cutting head or draper.

Contact your nearest Massey Ferguson dealer or Theo Pieterse of BHBW on 011-898-0440.

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