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LEMKEN’s team is in the blocks after Covid-19 lockdown

Farmers who would like to visit LEMKEN should keep their eyes open for this impressive building in the Gateway Industrial Park south of Pretoria.

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Most businesses in South Africa could not wait to reopen their doors after the lockdown period, but for few the occasion brought the same excitement as it did for the blue LEMKEN team because they could not wait to move into their spanking new offices and warehouse.

Melissa Rossouw, financial officer, says they were on the verge of furnishing the building to their liking when the team of installers had to withdraw because of the Covid-19 lockdown. However, everything is now spick and span and there’s lots of activity in the impressive building in the Gateway Industrial Park in Rooihuiskraal, Centurion. The airy and spacious warehouse behind the office section means that LEMKEN SA now has absolute control over every bolt and nut, bearing and disc, or any other component, frame or roller that a farmer or dealer may need.

The proud members of the LEMKEN team are Liaan Botha, Jacobus Beyers, Blackie Swart and Christo Prinsloo (front). On the step are Karel Munnik (managing director), Monia Shears en Melissa Rossouw.

Melissa says: “It is now a LEMKEN man who will handle the spare parts and, if an order stipulates 200 bolts, it will be Liaan Botha who will make sure the correct number of the correct bolts will be packed for dispatch.”

The courier service pulls in to the dispatch bay at four every afternoon to collect the day’s orders which have to be delivered to dealers and from there directly to the farmer wherever he/she may be in Southern Africa. LEMKEN’s smart computer system has already compiled enough data concerning the needs for components in South Africa to enable the warehouse keepers to know exactly which components should be on the shelf for the active season. Enough stock of the normal wear and tear spare parts are kept and, should something extraordinary suddenly be required, it is flown in post-haste from Germany. There is no reason why the activities of any LEMKEN farmer should ever grind to a standstill!

“This extensive expansion is aimed at only one thing – client service par excellence,” says Melissa.

When a farmer receives such a neat package with an urgently needed spare part from LEMKEN, he can be sure it was packaged and dispatched by a proud Liaan Botha.

More than only spare parts . . .

Client service does not only entail the superfast provision of spare parts, but also the skill to supply the correct components and the knowledge of correct fitment. LEMKEN’s new office complex also includes a training centre where dealers’ technicians can be trained to master the required skills.

“It is important that spare parts should not only be handled correctly, but also that technicians should have insight in the performance of each machine and how it should be tuned when being serviced. When a farmer complains of a specific component acting up continuously on an implement, the chances are good that it is not properly tuned or the part installed correctly.”

“The technician is the person who most often sets foot on the farm and who can observe how equipment is being used. Consequently we rely on him to provide us, as well as the farmer, with the correct information,” says Melissa.

LEMKEN is also in a continuous process of developing new products and the extension of product ranges to comply with the requirements of changes in cultivation practices and plant requirements.

LEMKEN SA regularly send representatives to Germany to become acquainted with every new implement that will land on the African shores and be provided with the skills which can then be imparted to dealers’ technicians in the LEMKEN training centre.

Order in advance and pay less

With the new warehouse LEMKEN also offers a new promotion to dealers whereby they can order wear and tear parts monthly in advance. They then receive an 8% discount on these parts, which can be passed on to the farmer. It is in the hands of the farmer to ensure that his dealer participate in this offer.

Get more information regarding LEMKEN products: Contact Karel Munnik on 082-412-2577 or email ; phone Blackie Swart on 082-404-9651 or email , or visit the LEMKEN website

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