KragDag 2019 – The Do-your-own-thing expo gets an agricultural sub-expo


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The KragDag expo, where a wide range of self-reliance solutions are showcased annually, will, starting from 2019 and in co-operation with TAU SA, also host an agricultural sub-expo for the duration of the three days of the expo.

15 700 people visited Sakeliga KragDag 2018 to explore solutions that they can implement to cope with challenges across a wide spectrum of areas of daily life, which are mainly the result of state failures and power abuses. These include things like load shedding, water shortages, security, technology, construction, education, food production, entrepreneurship, health and economics and finance.

With it’s Do-your-own-thing motto, KragDag has a very practical approach and encourages an innovative building of a sustainable self-reliance and liberty driven lifestyle.

An agricultural sub-expo was a logical addition to the expo for obvious reasons. Within the context of smaller-area farming in the Gauteng region, it will focus on precise and intensive farming practices that provide value for both the small and commercial farmer and the aim of the expo can be summarized with terms such as sustainable, intensive, precise, technologically innovative and smart!

Apart from the 350 existing KragDag exhibitors, an additional 125 agricultural exhibitions and a packed program of speakers, launches, demonstrations and competitions about livestock, agronomy, other less well-known farming opportunities and prominent current affairs will be presented in an interactive manner. The aim is to develop this opportunity, with it’s specific focus, in a leading agricultural expo in the Gauteng region.

KragDag 2019 will take place on 8-10 August at the Diamantvallei Estate, 20 km east of Pretoria.

Source: KragDag, TAU SA

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