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Kanna makes sheep handling easier, Mr. Woolgrower

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Better, easier, quicker, more efficient and affordable – these are the aims of Kanna, the clever designer and manufacturer of equipment that allow the farmer’s work to flow, make his life easier and his business also more profitable. It is no wonder because all the Kanna plans were born directly on the farm and contrived in daily practical farm work.

The farmers talk and Kanna listens. This is proved by their new, more affordable wool press for the smaller shearing shed where the fully automatic model would be a little too advanced.

The new smaller model was designed and is manufactured with the same care and can press wool just as efficient as the advanced model. However, it is less costly because a little more muscle power is required and the machine does less. It is available in two versions: Electric-hydraulic (3 to 4 bales per hour) and hand-hydraulic (2 to 3 bales per hour). The automatic model easily press 6 bales per hour but the price is a little higher.

All models are easy to operate as it is not necessary to push the steel pegs through the compressed wool but above the top of the plunger to ensure that the wool does not bulge out again. The machine is on wheels and can be moved around. All models press the wool to the same density to save on baling bags and transport. The less expensive models do not have their own scales but ordering an attached scale is optional.

Control and calm your sheep

Working with sheep becomes child’s play with the Kanna sheep conveyor belt.

To dose, crutch or scan sheep now becomes the easiest process in the world with the Kanna sheep band conveyor. The conveyor is mounted on wheels and can be towed by a bakkie or tractor to work in any location. It is placed at the front of the crush and operated electrically or from the tractor’s hydraulic system.

It consists of two conveyor belts in V-form that lifts the sheep easily from its feet and softly, but relentlessly, moves it forward. Control buttons can be used to stop it or adjust the speed if required. A neat framework keeps the bulk dose and dosing syringe with pipes at hand so that it need not be carried as a back pack.

The sheep conveyor belt saves heaps of time, trouble and labour and helps the farmer to do his work quickly and efficiently without overly stressing the sheep.

Kanna also manufactures wool bins and a unique, ingenious turning wool classing table that enables the classer to do his work from only one standing position.

For more information regarding the Kanna range of equipment that makes life easier for the wool grower, talk to Willa Nolte on (cellphone) 072-333-1051 or send an email to You can also visit the Kanna website at .

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