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Jupidex implements make advanced farming possible

Liam van der Merwe, marketing manager, and José de Nobrega, product manager of Jupidex, emphasising to farmers that their new Andreoli self-propelled orchard sprayer will dramatically increase the productivity in any orchard.

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When seen for the first time, the Andreoli Atom 2000 Turbo resembles a moon buggy until you see the impressive blower in its tail! This self-propelled orchard sprayer – imported by Jupidex from the north of Italy – immediately shows quality and efficiency – and figures confirm the same story.

“This is the first self-propelled orchard sprayer in South Africa and it is equal to two and a half tractors and two and a half trailed sprayers,” says José de Nobrega, Jupidex product manager. “If you calculate the purchase price of five working units, it adds up to much more than the R2,1 million, which is what this sprayer costs.”

 A Jupidex team of equipment buyers was overseas two and a half years ago to hunt for a self-propelled orchard sprayer for South African farmers and decided on the Andreoli.

This Italian family business was established by a father and his two sons, all three of them engineers, and it is immediately obvious that they are exceedingly proud of their handwork. By that time Jupidex was already importing the Andreoli trailed sprayers, which were tested with astounding success in orchards in the Hartswater area. The self-propelled sprayer followed shortly afterwards and was launched at this year’s NAMPO Show.

The Andreoli is only 5,6 metres long; the wheels are close together and it has a ground clearance of 400 mm directly under the belly and 300 mm closer to the wheels themselves. It is the perfect design to move over rough terrain and drive unimpeded over nasty uneven terrain and contour banks. Furthermore the sprayer has a very narrow turning circle of 3,5 metres because the rear wheels can also turn when required. It can also move sideways with the aid of a crab-steering function.

The spraying section of Jupidex’s Andreoli self-propelled orchard sprayer does not take a second place to any trailed sprayer.

The cabin is hermetically sealed for the safety of the operator and is soundproof, but it is provided with air-conditioning which allows the operator to work in extreme conditions, even in the humid heat of the Lowveld. It is no problem for the sprayer to work right through the night.

The complete rear section of the sprayer is manufactured from stainless steel with a 900 mm blower displacing 1 006 m3 of air per hour. The output of the engine is only 65 kW, but it delivers enough power to blow big drops as high as 25 metres into the air. Most other sprayers can only do that with the aid of tractors of 100 to 120 kW. Andreoli has fitted the popular Comet pumps in their sprayers, which can disperse up to 260 litres per minute.

A further ingenious characteristic is that the reversed blower sucks the air from the front – from the direction in which the sprayer moves – ensuring that no pressure is lost and that the air that has been expelled, is not sucked in again. The blower screen deflects the airstream resulting in 40% of the air going sideways and 60% upwards.

A cabin has to be tightly sealed and also soundproof when spraying in an orchard. Jupidex has made sure that the Andreoli complies with South African safety standards.

 The Andreoli has porcelain spraying nozzles, which has the longest life, but it can work with any other nozzle that is available locally. The local Jupidex agents already have all the spare parts; also components for the electronic system and the pumps, in stock. A farmer need not order anything from the factory.

The Jupidex McHale balers are already known as the best that money can buy, but the best has just become better with the McHale Fusion 3 Plus Integrated Bale Wrapper. Previously their flagship, the 5500, had to make do with 15 knives but now the material can be cut faster and more efficiently with a 25-knife chopper unit.

The Jupidex Mchale Fusion 3 does away with all the headaches of bale-making. Nico Botes, product manager: grass handling equipment, told interested visitors at NAMPO everything about this nifty piece of equipment.

  The Fusion 3 also has a drop floor unblocking system to remove any blockage in the chamber with the aid of grabbers pushing it out downwards so that work can be resumed quickly.

The Fusion 3 is an all in one baler and wrapper. Once the baling chamber has done its duty, the bale is moved to the wrapping chamber for the wrapping process. When the wrapping process starts, the baler proceeds to form the next bale. When the baler stops to fit the net, the wrapped bale is deposited on its head on the ground. All these actions are controlled from within the cabin.

The McHale Fusion 3 now employs 25 knives to cut the hay to perfect lengths to make the perfect bale.

A very popular soil preparation implement is the Jupidex Alpler vertical cultivator. A new development with the machine is the return of the double roller. “This was discontinued because it made the machine too heavy, but the farmers have now asked to bring it back and we were forced to re-design it,” says Nico Botes, product manager. Jupidex and Alpler surmounted barriers with the new design. The double roller is now made of VNR400 steel, which is used in the aircraft industry. It is four times stronger than the previous steel rollers, but weighs 32 kg less per meter.

The double roller of the Alpler is made from the same steel that is used in aircraft. It is four times stronger and 32 kg per meter lighter than what was used in its predecessor.

 The spiral form in which the cross irons of the rollers are bent, performs excellent to work the clods to the inside and then crush them. When it is turned around so that the V points to the rear, it works less aggressively. It is possible for the rollers to move independently.

The cross bars are manufactured from flat bar, which also perform more aggressively than round bar, making it more suitable for heavy soils. Round steel rollers, on the other hand, work better on sandy soils. To support the double roller effectively, the frame of the roller is now attached to the main frame with four arms.

 The machine has been further re-designed to make it even stronger. The 560 mm discs are each attached to the frame with its own arm and everyone is still kept in its place by means of four rubber springs.

Frankie Joubert, product specialist: spreaders and sprayers; Christopher Laubscher, technical manager; and Nico Botes, product manager: grass implements, promise that the new design of the Alpler vertical soil cultivator will still be very popular with the farmers.

To find out more about the Jupidex range of reliable products, contact, Liam van der Merwe on 033-386-3574 or alternatively send an email message to . You can also visit the Jupidex website at

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