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Jones Masjiene: Providing feed processing to Africa and abroad

This diesel-powered pellet machine allows you to produce quality animal feeds, even when electricity is not readily available.

Feed processing plays a vital role in food production by adding value to an agricultural product. Feed processing machines enable you to produce food as well as animal feed. There are many types of processing machines available on the market, but there is one company that is simply a cut above the rest.

Jones Masjiene started manufacturing hammer mills and other grain processing machines more than twenty years ago. What started out as a small business has grown into a commercial manufacturing plant over the past two decades.

Since the establishment of the company, Jones Masjiene exported quality machinery to 31 African countries, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi and Mauritius. They have also supplied machines as far as Madagascar and Australia and will soon start exporting to the USA.

The dustless hammer mill allows you to operate indoors without choking. This model can mill 4 tonnes of maize per hour. Jones Masjiene manufactures hammer mills that can mill up to 22 tonnes per hour.

Jones Masjiene specialises in manufacturing grain processing systems, not only individual machines. The complete process, from the design and fabrication to installation of the system, is expertly done by Willie Jones and his team.

Jones Masjiene manufactures more than 120 different types of grain processing machines, from hammer mills and conveyors to pellet machines and lick-block presses. These include dustless as well as aspirated hammer mills, mixers, extruders, oil expellers, pellet machines, screens, conveyors, and bucket elevators, as well as all their components.

They also provide training for the systems that were installed and keep enough parts in stock to meet the needs of their customers. “All the bearings and electrical components of our machines are branded with the Jones trademark. We pride ourselves in providing quality products to our customers,” says Willie Jones, founder and owner of the company.

Willie believes in using the best machines to build the best product. The factory is equipped with the latest technology including a fibre laser cutter that can cut accurately up to 0,03 mm. “If the cutting is done with precision, it enables the assembly to be done accurately, thereby producing a product of excellent quality,” Willie explains. All the essential parts of the machine are welded by a robot welder, thus eliminating any chance of human error.

The lick-block press is a vital piece of machinery for any livestock feed business. Jones Masjiene supplies the best quality machines that enable your business to keep growing.

Willie believes in motivating his staff to take ownership of their work, and training plays a major role in the factory.

What sets this factory apart from any other is not only the state-of-the-art machines that they use in their manufacturing process, but also the fact that the whole factory is operated on solar power. This means that the factory can operate without worrying about an irregular electricity supply. “We generate so much electricity that we are able to run our entire factory on clean solar power,” Willie says.

Jones Masjiene is a client-focussed company that listens to the needs of the user and designs a system that is tailor-made to suit their needs. Jones Masjiene has even designed a diesel-powered pellet machine for clients who live in rural areas where electricity supply is not always reliable. “Our clients are business owners and we want our machinery to help them grow their businesses,” Willie explains.

For more information on the products provided by Jones Masjiene, contact them on +27(0)-14-543-4889 or +27(0)-83-627-6026, send an e-mail to or visit their website at Find them on Facebook for their latest product developments.

Visit to see some of Jones Masjiene available to buy.

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