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Irrigate with fingertip remote control and the SENTER360

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It was clear during the 2019 NAMPO Show that farmers were again impressed by the SENTER360 centre pivot irrigator.

“We at SENTER360 are proud of the fact that we don’t just sell products, but that we also build long-term relationships with our clients by providing a value package of excellent quality and service,” says Theuns Dreyer, managing director of SENTER360.

The SENTER360 centre pivot, which was designed in South Africa in 1994 and manufactured locally since then, is known for its outstanding quality above industry standard. The company has been part of the irrigation industry for more than 25 years and has business interests in South Africa as well as the rest of the world.

“Centre pivots are our life at SENTER360. Consequently we do not only build a strong and tough structure, but we also spend considerable time and attention to the smaller detail which may, in the end, make a big difference in your everyday life.”

Theuns Dreyer of SENTER360 in a happy mood on their stand at NAMPO 2019 where time was spent on establishing permanent relations with farmers already using South Africa’s prime centre pivot system, and also with those contemplating to use it on their farms.

Structural stability

The structure of the SENTER360 is manufactured from piping which weighs less than the normally used angle bar. This offers the advantage that two more structure sets can be used per tower, which results in an exceptionally strong final configuration.

Furthermore the pipe structure has less wind resistance, and that is why SENTER360 centre pivots can withstand wind gusts of up to 158 km per hour (measured in the veld) without suffering any damage – another reason why no centre pivot was blown over during the recent storm-strength winds (the only pivots that remained upright!). Standard longer drive beams, sturdy tower supports, stabilisers and diagonal reinforcements add to the extraordinary standing ability.

Creative control panel series

The principle of basic modular design, which forms the whole approach to the design of the SENTER360 centre pivot configuration, is also applied to the full control panel series.

As “basic” control panel, SENTER360 makes use of a panel comparable with the top series of other brands.

It has the following standard functions:

  • On/off facility;
  • Feedback when the centre pivot is stationary;
  • Direct adjustment for application rate (mm);
  • Position location;
  • Pressure switch-on and low pressure switching;
  • Can irrigate part-circles and sectors with variable application on each sector;
  • Automatic turn-around with variable application in the turn; and
  • Scheduling options and much more.

All SENTER360 panels can be controlled with your cellphone*, tablet, computer or base station by plugging in an “off-the-shelf” communication unit of your choice (GPRS/-cellphone network, WiFi or radio unit) to any of the existing ** SENTER360 control panels.

Full pump control, VSD control and feedback is also available for the same system.

Keep the last nozzle clean

One of the more general problems encountered with centre pivots is that the last nozzle tends to become clogged. SENTER360 developed a clever, although simple solution, to keep the last nozzle open uninterruptedly.

SENTER360 centre pivots are fitted as standard with pressure controlled Komet Twister sprinklers at 10 psi (0,7 bar), or optionally 6 psi (0,42 bar), which are mounted on hanging pipes. This ensures excellent water distribution in even the worst of climate conditions.

Heavy duty gearboxes and motors

The standard drive train of the SENTER360 centre pivot consists of a heavy duty wheel gearbox with a free optional five year warranty, driven by a 0,56 kW (40:1) motor gearbox combination (30:1 and other options are available).

*  Android, IOS en more

**The control of other panels is limited to: on/off, mm-change setting, running/standing, report-back.

Contact SENTER360 on 018-469-1331 or 082-564-5955 for your next South African Centre Pivot irrigator.

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