Industry set for a promising pome fruit 2022 harvest

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The 2022 harvest is in full swing and growers are looking forward to a good harvest.

The much needed rain and adequate chill units during last winter has ensured that growers have enough irrigation water at their disposal, which linked to a good fruit set and favorable weather conditions to date promises a good crop and fruit quality.

The cooler spring and high early summer temperatures experienced to date could have an impact on fruit size, but growers are still very optimistic as fruit quality is sound and packouts are looking promising. Young orchards coming into production is one of the main factors contributing to the
increase in the export crop estimate.

Apple volumes is expected to increase with 6% and pears with 8%. Apple cultivars such as Cripps Pink/Pink Lady® and Cripps Red/Joya® is expected to increase significantly 9% and 20% respectively. This is due to newer cultivar strains with better yields and packouts being planted in recent years.

On the pear front, Forelle is expected to return to a normal crop of 4mil c arton equivalents , Triumph volumes are anticipated to increase with 6% as well as growth in the volumes of summer blushed pears such as Cheeky, Celina and Rosemarie

Pome fruit export estimate (12.5 kg equivalent cartons
x million

Source: Hortgro

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