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Improve tree & shrub growth with woven green Tree Bags

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A plant has a number of basic needs and the better the conditions that are created for the plant, the better its growth will be.

Stoffies Stoffberg and his wife Mariaan started making bags for indigenous trees when requested to do so by a friend. “The idea was that the bag had to big and strong enough to allow a tree to grow in it for three years. We had to hunt far and wide to find the perfect material and hit on the winning recipe,” says Stoffies.

“The advantages of the bags became evident very soon, resulting in Tree Bags also finding a ready market with nurseries for shrubs, and then also expanded to the intensive tunnel farming market. The light green woven bags are ideal for crops such as blueberries.”

“We have bags available in various sizes. The weave is the important feature. It makes for excellent draining and gas exchange, which enhances improved root development, stronger trunks and healthier leaves,” says Stoffies.

An unexpected advantage is the stabilising of temperature in the bags compared with the traditional black bags. The temperature in a 20 litre black bag can vary at a given time with as much as 6 to 7 degrees Celsius compared with the Tree Bags where, depending on the growth medium, it will be within one degree. In the black bags the roots also tend to grow towards the side facing the sun in winter, and in summer towards the shady side. In the green bags a farmer can keep very close to the ideal of 23°C.

“The polypropylene bags has a life expectancy of eight years. At Tree Bags we aim at a neat, strong and sturdy bag. Nowadays we have four workers manning the industrial sewing machines to keep pace with the demand. I have also developed a special machine which cuts the required lengths from the huge rolls with a heat-sealing process, which helps to speed manufacturing,” says Stoffies.

For orders, contact Stoffies Stoffberg of Tree Bags on 082-653-5965 or send an email message to

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