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Immigration to Canada for farmers business people & skilled workers

Martie Kruger is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. She focuses on permanent residence for farmers, businesspeople, and skilled workers. Martie has assisted many farmers, skilled workers, and businesspeople to immigrate to Canada.

There are several options to emigrate to Canada.  The provinces and territories in Canada are in apartnership with the Government of Canada,to address the population and economic needs of the provinces.  It is an excellent immigration vehicle for foreigners and newcomers who wish to relocate to a safe and secure country.

Navigating through the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada website could be time consuming and overwhelming to most people. Martie has developed a network of specialists, in the agriculture and business industry in Canada, to assist foreigners with relocation, immigration and settlement in Canada.  Martie is committed to confidential service, integrity, and trust.

The MKIC team offers transparent, regulated, and honest advice designed to empower you to navigate the process on your own if you wish to.

If you are not eligible for immigration at this time, Martie will guide you to become eligible in the future. With her guidance, you would have the option to do your own immigration application, or you could use her professional assistance to apply for immigration.

MKIC- Martie Kruger Immigration Canada, offers a variety of services, including consultations, reviews, and full representation with your Canadian immigration application.

If you are not sure where to begin, you could book a consultation with Martie to find the pathway for you. The consultation is done by a 45 minute, Whatsapp/Skype call.

With COVID-19, you have the time to invest your options for immigration, and to prepare your documentation for applications.

Send an email to to book your personal consultation. Use the code: COVID-IMM99 to receive 33% discount on consultations. Visit their website at or Facebook page:

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